Past Tense

Here’s a woman after my own heart:

A real estate agent has revealed how she’s amassed a $10,000 vintage clothes collection – because she’s obsessed with living like she’s in the 1940s.  Gwendolyn Erin Patterson, 25, from Dallas, Texas, says she’s so fixated with wearing wartime fashion that she now refuses to leave her house unless she’s sporting glamorous attire from the Second World War era.  The 25-year-old even wed her beau, Sam, also a huge 1940s fan, in a Second World War-style wedding two years ago – but admits that sometimes people assume she’s wearing fancy dress.  The vintage fashion fan admits that her unique style has garnered some strange looks on occasion but says that her glamorous head-to-toe wartime look also gets lots of compliments.

Here she is:

I think she looks gorgeous.


  1. Tasteful, demure, feminine attire is, sadly, a thing of the past. Good to see at least one woman still embraces her femininity.

    1. there is a lot of feminine attire out there, but you need to look for it online or in small boutiques, rather than the bulk produced stuff sold in the major retailers.

      And yes, that means it costs more. But then again, you don’t need to replace it every few weeks when the new “fashion trends” dictate that what you just got 2 weeks ago is now woefully outdated and really won’t do.

  2. I used to be a Civil War reenactor, and once met a lady who dressed for THAT Era full-time (although mostly in reproductions, not originals). I’d imagine that was more inconvenient than the lady sporting WW 2 Era clothing, hoop skirts weren’t designed with getting in and out of cars in mind.

    Still, agreed, the lady you reference looks gorgeous.

    Mark D

    1. well, reproductions is all you’re going to get for civil war (or indeed WW2) era clothing.
      The originals are long gone or part of museum collections (and given that people were quite a bit smaller back then, probably wouldn’t properly fit today’s people).

  3. They look great. They’re also obviously dealing with some past life trauma or closure. Not a big deal, but when in the life after this they’re all wearing 2020 duds because they missed where they are….meh. Whatever. Have fun, kids!

  4. Just like my mom used to dress. She would not go shopping without hat and gloves.

  5. Eugene, Oregon.
    NorthWest Community Credit Union.
    Cute as the dickens, a teller, Becky, possesses a substantial 1940s-style wardrobe, and delights in modeling on-the-job behind the free-standing counters.
    Perfect 1940s make-up, her only nod to current-day is a slight burgundy tint in her pixie bun.
    One word — Devastating!

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