Total Agreement

I see that the Russkis are getting in on the act:

A Russian state TV host called on the U.S. to remove President Joe Biden and reinstate former President Donald Trump days after Biden made his own call for a regime change aimed at Vladimir Putin.

Trust me, Eugene old buddy, we want that regime change much more than you do — but whereas you lot can just murder the top guy and put someone else in his place, we have that Constitution thing which tells us that it’s a no-no.  We have to wait till the next elections in 2024 when we can cast this asshole (and his godless Party reptiles) out of office and begin the job of rebuilding the catastrophe of his policies both foreign and domestic.

However — and please take note of this — little adventures of the Ukrainian type will be tolerated even less by the non-Biden successor, so take all your war toys and conscripts back while you still have the choice, and stick them in mothballs.

We may be busy with the Great Reconstruction in a couple years’ time, but that doesn’t mean we’ll just sit by while you assholes invade the Baltic republics or Poland;  because one of the things we’ll be reconstructing is our military.

Depend on it.


  1. We have a Constitution? Who knew?

    Rebuilding the military with the likes of Austin and Milley in charge is just a waste of money. That’s if they don’t decide to focus on counter-insurgency against domestic extremists, you white supremacist you.

    And why exactly should we spend blood and treasure to defend rich Europe against poor Russia.

    1. I’m thinking more have us having a credible threat in place, instead of a laughing-stock.

      And yes: “reconstructing the military” would require purging all traces of wokedom, and its supporters.

  2. The intelligences agencies and Pentagon did kill JFK and RFK, so we don’t always agree to elections.

    And we did remove Yanukovych from the Ukrainian presidency, eliminating Ukraine’s only legitimate, democratically elected president. You can add in the coups in Libya, Egypt, Turkey, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

    And the Constitution is a dead letter.

  3. Kim, you have way more faith in the average American voter than I do.

    Like it or not, (I do not) but Biden and the Democrats got a lot of votes. And will again. And the Republicans are still the Stupid Party.

    Up here in Canada we are further down the slope to total socialism and I am depressed by the number of people, especially young people, think that is a good thing.

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