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As endorsed by the current Vice-President:

And in the news today (and yesterday, etc.):

and everybody can start breathing again.

given their Muzzie problem, it’s hardly surprising.

when people can’t own guns, etc.

I got nothing.  It’s all in the very first word.

as much as I detest the term, this one isn’t bad.

now quit that giggling, y’all.

Dept. Of Wokeism:

those chauvinist bastards.

and for the first time in cinematic history, no stage makeup was necessary.

Train Smash Update:

seems to me that she needs to get a mind job before changing her boobs, but that’s just my opinion.

I’m assuming with five different men, at least(Parallel thought:  would an MFM encounter count as one time, or two?)

And in INSIGNIFICA today:


you’ve heard of the word “cornucopia”?  This guy was a “pharmacopia”.

as she returns to favor, although she’s definitely not as sexy as she was before (proof):

And that’s the news, gawd help us.


  1. The Brit vigilantes remind me of the first time I became aware of just how far off the rails the Sceptered Ilse had strayed. Late 90s I think. Choirboy breaks into an apartment for some good old fashioned property redistribution. The resident takes issue with said initiative and a scuffle ensues, during which the greedy property owner liberates a decorative sword from where it’s mounted on the wall perforates his guest. Resident calls the cops, the angelic choirboy survives, and his vile assailant is charged with “Being a menace to burglars.” Did some jail time as I recall.

  2. Have to agree with you, that basement pub is a labor of love. Seeing what he started from and managed on his own, that is a solid guy and will go far in life (so long as he does not spend too much time down there).

  3. England was down the drain when Tony Martin was tried for defending himself and his home. Maybe they went down the drain decades before that when they restricted people from owning arms.


    1. Martin did not just defend himself, he chased after the home invaders and shot them in the back. That’s generally considered murder even in the most self-defense friendly US states. However, if he had merely run them off the property, _only_ in England could the intruders have called the cops the next morning, waited while they took Martin’s shotgun, and then gone back. (And calling the cops would do Martin no good. The local police station shut down at night!)

      England didn’t go down the drain when they convicted Martin of shooting intruders in the back. They went down the drain when they made his possession of even a shotgun illegal.

  4. The sad thing about the Dear Deidre post is under Lord Mansfield’s Rule, he would still have to pay 18 years (26 college) in child support. And they wonder why men are not interested in marriage.

    1. That used to be the case in every state in America, too, but in the past sixty years so many women have brought home bastards sired by inseminators who want visitation, some states have removed the presumption that a child born to a married woman is the product of that marriage. Other states give a sort of grace period in which to determine paternity. I read once that in something like seventy three percent of babies for which the husband requests a DNA test, he isn’t the father. I think the only way to bring that number down is to do the tests automatically, just as all newborn babies have Silver Nitrate drops placed in the eyes (incidentally, that was done because of a presumption that the mother had a venereal disease, and the Silver Nitrate prevented blindness in the child. That Socialist, Hellen Keller was in favor of administering Silver Nitrate based on THAT presumption.

  5. Re: Nicolas cage playing Dracula. There’s this photo caption: “Undead: His skin was made to look very pail with the magic of on-set make-up “. Pail, rather than pale? What do reporters and editors do all day?

    1. What do reporters and editors do all day?
      Copy somebody else’s badly written shit and post/print it.
      I remember a phrase from Iraqi Freedom from some guys I know who were there:
      “Hadji can’t shoot.”
      “Millennials can’t write.”
      because they were ill-schooled and are still lazy. Whether writing or operating some device, they can’t be bothered to pay attention to details, their output quality, facts or the truth. They just want to push a fucking button and declare “I’ve done the job so pay me.”

      1. “Idiot Reporter”; But you repeat yourself.
        Also, if I have said it on here before, I apologize, but this seems appropriate;
        Spell Check is the work of the devil, and whoever invented it should go straight to Hello.

  6. > Foo Fighters

    I’m not buying it. They’re among the virtue-signaling wankers who insisted on everyone at their concerts being jabbed. It’s safe to assume the band were all fully jabbed, boosted, etc., and that the more likely cause of death is the same as that of all the soccer players and whatnot who’ve been keeling over lately: the clot shot.

    Karma’s a bitch.

  7. That woman whose BFF who got it on with her Dad. “But ‘Blame it on Rio’ was just a Movie!”

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