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The secret is out:  Mr. & Mrs. Free Market are Over Here for Doc Russia’s nuptials, so of course while Mrs. FM went off to deplete his millions do some shopping, her husband, Doc and I went to TDSA to shoot off, as it turned out, well over a thousand boolets.

Here’s Doc, doing his bit to keep noise pollution down:

(note the pattern on his shirt)

…Mr. FM shooting what turned out to be his favorite gun of the two dozen or so we took out there:

Then he and Doc did a little run-and-gunning:

…and later, Mr. FM went all Warsaw Pact:

(no, he wasn’t shooting at the paper target blowing around in the wind)

Your Humble Narrator was to busy taking pics and loading mags to shoot much (maybe a hundred .45, and the same of .357 and 9mm), but the most fun for me was going old-time .45-70:

A full report to follow once I’ve got all the product descriptions from Doc.

A day at the range with BBQ sandwiches and ribs, good friends and no range Nazis, shooting whatever we wanted, in whatever quantity  we wanted, teasing each other mercilessly and friendly, no-score competitions followed by a little beer time afterwards… we all agreed that it just doesn’t get any better than this.

I love these guys.


  1. That Winchester Hi Wall is the class act of the lot, that unless you were enjoying an 1873 Colt or a P 35 Hi Power,

  2. Hmmm, I wonder if my buddy who lives in Fort Worth (for the time being) has ever been there, looks like a nice range. He just bought a decent chunk of land out in the boonies he plans on moving to ASAP to get out of the city, there’s room for a range there and the next door neighbor is the county sheriff whom he’s already met and talked to. As small group of us will be getting together here in PA at the end of the month for my buddy’s birthday, looking forward to a day of machine guns and an evening of fine whiskies and bad jokes!

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