Fun With The Bureaucracy

Executive Summary:

British mother worries that her incel loser son may be dangerous, and reports him to the rozzers under the Prevent Terrorism thing.
Rozzers, of course, are doubtless too busy chasing down racists and other hurtful people on Twitter, so they sit on it.
Incel Boy gets his shotgun license and shotgun back because rozzers did nothing to stop him getting one.  (Added stupidity:  it had previously been revoked and his shotgun taken away after Incel Boy assaulted a couple in a park the year before.)
Incel Boy takes newly-reissued shotgun, then shoots and kills his mother and three other people, as well as a three-year-old girl.
In the only good news of the day, Incel Boy eats his shotgun muzzle before the rozzers can arrive.

Needless to say, there will be no consequences for this atrocity for the incompetent assholes in the bureaucracy — okay, maybe a note in their HR docket, but not the public stoning that one would expect and enjoy.

Anytime Democrats and other associated filth start blathering about “commonsense” gun laws, remember this tragic incident.


    1. Not for “red flag” laws that allow taking away ones guns without proof, and perhaps even by anonymous tip.

      It is an argument for enforcing the laws we already have, and penalizing cops and other officials that fail to do their job and report cases like this so the person who misused a weapon goes on a list and is banned from acquiring, carrying, or possessing similar weapons – with the penalties NOT relying on action by a DA or other friend of the cops. That is, the lazy or incompetent cop can be sued, and will pay everything he has before any money comes from the public purse. Also, if such a cop is kept on the payroll or hired by another department, the police chief or commissioners should be liable for triple damages the next time he effs up.

      1. Would the “Authorities” ever deny a Red Flag or reinstate the rights taken by the Red Flag? Getting Red Flagged would occur to everyone, even a cross look outside your house after a rain, looking at a big puddle in your drive way. No words, no threats, a mere suspicion, better safe than sorry, the coppers want their pensions.

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