1. You must really like the woman in the hooker boots since you put her on there twice..

    1. Two different women, similar (but different) boots. I had to study the pics for a while to see the that. But hey, those boots were made for walking.

        1. Okay so that’s what I get for commenting before having my second cup of coffee… The two are walking together, though as you can see hooker boots #1 standing behind hooker boots #2 in the second photo.

          Still, our editor in chief apparently has a type.. heh.

      1. My feed reader actually did show the same photo twice, but then I looked at the actual website and it was 2 similar but different girls.

        1. Thank you! So I’m not crazy. It’s just part of the vast right-wing conspiracy to convince me that I’m going crazy!

          (Because I could have sworn it was the same photo.. not just the same woman.)

  2. YESSS! I have lived long enough to witness the return of the best of my youth….. all hail the miniskirt on good looking dolly birds.

    Thanks Kim

  3. I admit to looking closely at both pictures to determine the differences. I do note that Brit weather brings out the pirate boots, but I do like the miniskirts.

  4. Although utterly uninterested in fancy-dressed umbrella-holders, I was curious about ‘fraffly’.
    According to somebody associated with ‘red wine’:
    An Australian who used the pen name “Afferbeck Lauder,” dubbed the upper class English dialect “fraffly,” based on his translation of “Weh sue fraffly gled yorkered calm.” It means of course, “We’re so frightfully glad you could come.” They say the key is to talk like Prince Charles, without moving the lips. Try saying “How fay caned a few,” to mean “How very kind of you.” You’ll sound like you’re on Downton Abbey.
    End quote.
    But I suppose everybody but me knew that.

  5. There’s not a damn thing wrong with any of those women. Apart from none of them being on my lap (possible exception for the one in the green coat in the last photo).

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