Carry On

Looks like Alabama has joined the ranks of the “Constitution Carry” states, thus closing off a revenue stream to various county sheriffs, boo-hoo.

As has Ohio — well done, everyone.  That makes 23 states who agree with the Second Amendment’s “keep and bear arms” provision.

Georgia is likewise poised to the same, their House Bill now with the Senate for “reconciliation” with their own (already passed) bill, thence to the GeorgiaGov’s desk for his (promised) signature.  Get it done, kids, let’s make it 24.

What makes it all the better is the socialists’ response:


  1. Too bad constitutional carry will never be passed in Massachusetts. Right now we have a RINO governor and next up is a lesbo who is running in November. I bet she wins and violates our rights even more.

    Good for the freedom loving states. Hopefully the momentum keeps up towards the good side of rights.

    The constitution isn’t just a suggestion.

  2. Dumb question from someone who’s had a license to carry for 20+ years to those living in states without a license requirement:

    Is there data on how encounters with police tend to proceed under this system v. under a license system? I ask mostly out of idle curiosity, given that I don’t expect our system here to change. My encounters under a license system have been pretty mundane (I’ve gotten pulled over or run into DUI checkpoints a couple times in 20 years); I’m a middle class white lawyer who doesn’t frequent high crime areas and drives a generic late model Subaru, so I’m not likely to get profiled. My behavior in any encounter is hands on the wheel, interior light on, no movement without asking first, and handing over DL and LTC. Responses have ranged from “Why are you giving me your LTC, I don’t care if you’re carrying” to drawn guns and “don’t move” type stuff.

  3. Meanwhile, Indiana had a good chance this year, but they seem to have managed to bungle it again. (They changed it from “Constitutional Carry” to “You can carry while waiting for your license to arrive.”)

    It doesn’t hurt me, with my lifetime carry license, but it’s still annoying.

    1. Lifetime license too, here in southern IN. A friend pointed out that if no license is required then reciprocity in adjacent states will not happen. Ex. Say no license is required in IN but if he travels to OH which recognizes IN license but he has none then he cannot carry in OH. Don’t know if I explained that properly.

  4. Picking nits re: boo hooing the sherriff – there’s a distinction to be made between police & sherriff’s depts. The latter are at least nominally accountable John Q; the former more susceptible to deep state buereaucratic bulshit. My decision to live in the county is not an accident. When the fit hits the shan, a good sherriff may be your only uniformed ally.

  5. Good. The CCW process is just another way to agitate the honest citizen through excessive fees and needless waiting times.


  6. The Ohio law also repealed the requirement to notify law enforcement upon contact when carrying. Now it’s only if asked.
    The only thing I hand a LEO when stopped is my license and registration. My CHL stays in my wallet.

    1. Unlikely to be anyone’s first choice for a carry gun, it did have the advantage of being dirt cheap back in the nineties when I had my C&R FFL. I should have bought a truckload when they could be had for $35 apiece. They’re currently running $385 to $699 and up on Gunbroker. I keep thinking I ought to break mine out at a match. The lack of suitable holster, enough magazines, and fear of damage to steel targets hold me back.

      1. I have one too. It’s a good time gun. Not a carry piece. I mean it would certainly do the job, but its a mite fiddly. Still nice to see it make an appearance in the gun cheesecake list

  7. I’m pleasantly surprised that DeWine signed the bill. But I believe that he has challengers in the Primary in a couple of months.

    When my CHL expires next year I’ll probably renew it for 3 reasons:

    1. For use when traveling out of state

    2. Having one allows you to bypass the NCIS wait when buying a new gun

    3. As a veteran, the cost to me is $0.00

  8. Getting rid of the last of the old Negro Codes, where if you were darker than a certain shade you were automatically denied a permit.

  9. I have been in the ATL the past 30 years and I am planning my escape back to Statesboro soon. I have had a carry permit for 40 years. I prefer my G20SF 10mm as my carry piece. I can only carry 15+1 but I am hurling a 180 grain bullet the same speed the G17 9mm is running a 124 gr chunk of lead.

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