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So let’s start slurping.

thus denying him a lucrative career at Pornhub in the future.

As for Climate Changery:

just wait till someone drops a rocket on your watermelons, dude.  And:

nah.  It all grows back eventually.  Just not the people.

From the Short Bus Department:

oooh, that’s going to end the Ukranian invasion, eh?

And bringing Max Stupid  back home:

neither you nor the TexGov has that much money, snowflake.

her own younger son having let his chopper license expire while he was off shagging teenagers on islands.

I had no idea that the Royal Mail employs Harvard MBAs.

Dept. of No Fucks Given:


And more from Hollyweird:

not that anyone’s going to watch the Oscar wankfest this year, anyway.

And an extended, no-link INSIGNIFICA:

note for Murkins:  27 stone = 27×14 = 378 lbs.

Here’s someone named Ellie Bamber (nope, no idea, sorry) who doesn’t weigh 378lbs… in fact, she looks like she barely weighs 73lbs.


And that’s all the news that’s fit to summarize.


  1. Surprised they don’t think a nucular war would be “good” for the climate. After that initial burst of million degree warming, the nuclear winter that follows should actually cool the planet. Better pack a sweater.

    It might also destroy a large number of SUVs, cows, people, and lots of other things the lefties are always blaming for global warming.

  2. Bamber has the build of a 12 year old boy. She needs big bowls of pasta 5 times a day for a few months.

    Wasn’t Obummer vaccinated? oh well who cares.

    dunno who Brian Cox is, don’t want to know.

    Isn’t the Queen’s grandson also a helicopter pilot?


    1. IIRC both were. The one that flew Apaches has since been exiled to the former colonies with some c-level actress.

      The other one pulls (or at least used to) occasional stints as a civilian SAR pilot.

      1. Yes, William was a for-real helicopter rescue pilot and apparently pulled off some rather hair-raising rescues.

  3. Beta is going to ‘buy back’ something that he never owned, using money that isn’t his.

    And that pretty well sums up the democratic party.

  4. Daily Mail invented an entirely new word I see. There is no such thing as Uzbekistani, the word is Uzbek…

    Nice country, one of the few Muslim majority countries that don’t allow religion to mix with government, doesn’t allow the call to prayer to be blared from the mosques, etc. etc.

  5. Robert Francis want’s to “buyback” my ARs? Discounting the fact the little shit can’t buyback something that wasn’t previously his, I’m willing to listen. I’ve got several MSRs, and I would be willing to let fucking “Beto” purchase them for a million bajillion dollars, each. I’m not an unreasonable man. Show me the money, you poser fuck.

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