Stupid Times Two

From some newsletter comes this snippet:

Apart from the delicious irony (not to mention the blatant hypocrisy) of a Democrat politician being caught with a gun where he shouldn’t, there’s also the rank stupidity of forgetting that you have a gun in a bag which you know is going to be X-rayed at the airport.

That said, in studying Cooper’s official record, he doesn’t seem to be as bad as the other Californian Democrat snakes as far as guns are concerned.  His only “anti-gun” position seems to be his opposition to home-made guns (the stupidly-named “ghost guns” the Democrats are always moaning about).  Likewise, his district is a mix of Sacramento suburb (Elk Grove) and a ton of farmland stretching all the way south to Lodi and Galt, so it’s fair to assume that he’s not going to be as strident an anti-gun asshole as his Democrat buddies in San Francisco and L.A.

I would be really curious, though, to see his position on concealed carry.  Perhaps my few CA Readers can help me on this point.


  1. He’s probably close in ideology as his colleagues in the Bay Area. The gun was found in his purse, after all.

    1. I’d be more embarrassed about the purse than the gun.

      Doesn’t DiFi keep a gun in her purse? Democrat anti-gun hypocrisy is old news.

  2. The headline “Democrat arrested” or “Democrat Indicted” are second best only to “Democrat reports to jail to start their sentence.”

    this imbecile probably endorses a number of policies that run contrary to American strength and prosperity.


    1. It’s the Sacramento Bee, not the Babylon Bee. You had me all despondent there for a minute.

      But the RCOB money quote from the Ammoland article:

      “The NRA-ILA F-rated lawmaker was not charged during the incident. In fact, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office told the Sacramento Bee that law enforcement stored the discovered firearm for Cooper while he was on his trip and returned the gun to the lawmaker upon his arrival back in Sacramento.”

      I guess it helps to have the Magick “D” after your name…

      1. Oh yes. Us plebes would not be granted the same level of courtesy. Holding my breath to see if TSA fines him like the stickers on the airport doors say

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