1. SGT Greg Jones gives fire support to SPC Derek Brown as they prepare to be shipped off to Ukraine.

  2. I’ll keep your butt checks from jiggling during recoil, that way none of the guys will stare at us.

  3. Caption? Who cares, because … twins.
    They need different color shoes so they can tell each other apart.
    (Kim’s comment wins, by the way.)

  4. “Stop that.” she said. “It doesn’t help with the recoil, and it ruins my aim. Maybe later…”

  5. why is there a man’s hand on my butt? it’s just the two of us at the range.

    Gee sis, I forgot how hung you are.

    No, these mom jeans don’t make your butt look or feel big.

  6. shoot that lying bitch in the pussy and shoot that cheating asshole in the head!

    Hold on, I think I can make it in one shot!

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