News Roundup

Today’s Roundup is brought to you by:

And all in that vein, so to speak:

even worse is that he complained that “she just lay there”.

And another negrophiliac:

incel desperation knows no racial boundaries.

proving once again that vaping can cause kids to be corrupted.

ummm Lizzo, honey

okay, the pichers:

  …proving that women can have as bad taste as men can in their choice of partners.

yeah yeah I know, more pichers:



And for some unknown reason, all the guys just wanna poke her.  Sad.

Finally, speaking of poking:

of course, her body looks nothing like Rihanna’s, but whatever.  (No link because eeek.)


  1. So is this what our future men are like? They want vape pens in order to have sex? Really?

    I mean, I checked the link and she’s not hideous or deformed. When I was a teen, walking around with a hard-on 24/7, I’d have jumped at a chance to drill a milf anytime, day or night. But boys today somehow aren’t that interested? Video games, social media, and internet porn have ruined us.

      1. “Us” as in general humanity. Oh, there’s still us old codgers stumbling around, muttering get off my lawn, but the new generation of manbuns, skinny pants and seltzer beer drinking idiots are ridiculous. At least we’ll have stuff to laugh at in our old age.

  2. Silver-haired chick in the third pic has some kind of tumor growing in her armpit. Plus shrimp-toe X 4.
    Need more coffee, with a side of eye bleach.
    That said, these aggregations are always a lot of fun. Thanks.

  3. Dear Ms Great Britain:
    After a hundred “horror dates” in a row, I’d say it’s you that’s the problem, not the men(?)

  4. I worked in an industry with a lot of women and I do not miss them bitching about their dates. It was difficult to avoid being asked for comment on their situations when asked. I told them I wasn’t listening because was reading on my phone at lunch etc. It took all my will power to not say, listen honey, what you’re putting out obviously isn’t attracting what you want so change it up. If you want a gentleman, then act and dress like a lady rather than common ore.

    1. Ladies. Different bait for different fish. Save the kinky stuff for when you need to seal the deal.

  5. Perhaps Ms Megan Barton Hanson hasn’t found enough men to find some that are not dull in bed. As Tom Watson of IBM is alleged to have said, “To find what you are looking for, increase your rate of failure.” As they say in auto racing, competition improves the breed. I doubt anything could improve her outlook other than competition, if you get my drift.

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