1. ‘When someone enters your home, you are the first line of defense,’ Dixie County Sheriff Darby Butler said during the press conference on Wednesday, WESH reported.

    This is my idea of community outreach policing.

    Very nice shooting on the part of the homeowner.

    I’m sure he shot a nice, tight pattern.

    1. Bullseye!!! That is the proper role of community policing.

      I hope our hero received a citizen of the month award.


  2. It gets even better. According to one story I read yesterday, it showed a picture of the home in question and it was flying a Trump flag in the yard.

    1. So, even in Dixie County the media is happy to out people who exercise their constitutional rights? I suspect even being a registered sex offender, he had several people who thought he was really a “good boy”, turning his life around and attending bible study twice a week. Now those people know where the “gun totin’ inbred deplorable lives.”

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