1. In a future Ukraine, if it exists, there will be a monument built to commemorate those brave Patriots.

  1. Looks like another carption competition, Kim.:

    After saying that to the Russian soldier, the elderly woman then stepped up to him and kicked his balls up into his throat. As the Russian lay there, curled around his AK, she turned to the soldier across the street, and asked “What are you going to do about it?” The soldier walked away, not looking back.

    1. Russki soldier – “You are only 90,000, and we are attacking with 180,000 men, so what can you do?”
      Old woman – “We will shoot twice and go home.”

  2. Perhaps unwarranted optimism, but there are signs that this thing is not gonna go the way Putin thinks:

    * 1000 people arrested for protesting in Moscow
    * Columns of tanks taken out by Javelins
    * Crappy morale among Russian troops
    * Abandoned vehicles and equipment
    * The “Ghost of Kyiv” fighter pilot shoots down 6 on his first day…and it doesn’t really matter whether it’s one guy in a Mig 29, or 6 guys with manpads. Knight protectors are popping up all over.

  3. Looks to me like a faster reenactment of the Franco-Prussian War. The Ukrainian army gets chased off, Kiev is surrounded but probably not entered. The government has to recognize the new buffer “republics” and swear to never join NATO. Russian troops leave what’s left of the Ukraine.

    All could have been avoided if Biden and the Ukrainian government he helped install in 2014 for money laundering purposes, had just negotiated a deal with Russia and promised not to expand NATO.

  4. war now or war later. which one will we pick?

    The Nazis did this with the Sudetenland in the 1930s and Neville Chamberlain backed down. What else is Putin after? Is he going to try to put the Soviet satellites back together again?

    Ukraine has a lot of natural resources that would benefit the free market rather than Putin’s Russian oligarchy. Sanctions don’t work once the shooting starts and it appears that the shooting has started.


    1. And Europe fell to socialism and communism anyways.

      Let them fall to it this time without shedding American blood and treasure for it.

  5. I love the sentiment but maybe the better choice would be wheat, barley, corn, rye, apples or other fruit so that the survivors can eat after the war.

    I thought there was a British unit that had gone through a peach orchard on their way to battle, filled their haversacks with peaches then as they perished, another peach orchard grew the next year.


    1. With any luck they are experienced pilots, fleeing a lost battle in Poland to regroup and fight again in France and then Britain.

        1. There are two (two!) movies out on Blu-ray and DVD about the Polish squadron. at Amazon.
          As much as I don’t like making the Bezos worm richer, It’s hard to beat their selection.
          Mission of Honor is the story of Squadron 303:


          Squadon 303:

          Both made in 2018.

  6. The following is a repost.


    Some clarification on why I’ve been calling the European NATO component “paper tigers”.
    NATO has a 2% GDP defensive spending target for its member nations. For the year 2021, of the 27 member nations of the European contingent (+ Turkey), only 9 actually met or exceeded that target. Believe it or not, it’s actually an improvement. In 2015 it was 2 countries.
    Now, you may astutely point out that those figures are potentially misleading, as a shortfall in Luxembourg is much less meaningful than let’s say Germany. Fair enough.
    For 2021, the net spending target was about $389B USD. Actual figure? $334B USD. That’s ~85% of target.
    Like I said, 2021 isn’t some kind of aberration, this chronic failure to meet funding targets has been a staple of Europe’s policy of for literally decades.
    And if you’re wondering how well they’re likely to fight, feel free to look at how “Exercise Trident Juncture 2018” went down.


    On top of that, consider:

    2/5 of Europe’s gas comes from Russia.
    1/2 of Europe’s coal comes from Russia.
    1/5 of Europe’s oil comes from Russia.

    The Euro-peons had well over a decade to come up with politically secure energy sources. They chose green energy instead.

    To hell with those Eloi.

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