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fuck off, Geraldo you liberal asswipe.

and a single pic should suffice:

you mean “misinformation” such as that Michael Mann’s “hockey stick” climate graph is a pack of lies?  Or that not one climate prediction has so far been accurate?

as once again, the market establishes the actual value of certain jobs.

damn, I had no idea that there was a “militant atheist” department.

key word:  Tennessee.

show of hands from those of you whose trigger fingers began to itch when reading this headline… all of you, huh?  Thought so.

no different from a vegan restaurant, really.



so here we go:

The above brought to you by:

….wait:  not that Coke?  My bad.


  1. I’ve been calling them militant atheists for years. I always wondered how someone who supposedly doesn’t believe in God could be so passionate about their non-belief that they get downright offended by others who do believe.

    1. I am technically an atheist, because I don’t have any religious beliefs. But I prefer not to describe myself with that term because, to most people, it has come to mean “obnoxious anti-religious asshole.” And for good reason.

      Most non-religious people have no problem with those who do believe, and just want to live and let live. As a result, hardly anyone is aware of those nonbelievers, because we are quiet about our lack of belief and have no interest in harassing religious people. This means that the only atheists who are noticed are the small, loudmouthed minority of militants, who give the rest of us a bad name. We hate those jerks as much as the believers do.

      Incidentally, it looks like that last photo of Lottie Moss sitting on the edge of a bathtub has been retouched to remove her tattoos. I’m not sure why anyone would bother to do that, but someone did.

  2. How much you want to bet that the PTA mom only gets probation?

    Whereas a similarly misbehaving PTA dad would be looking at 10-25 years at the graybar hotel.

      1. Kim, could you please delete this copy of my comment? It appeared in the wrong place, and when I reposted it where it should have been, the option to edit or request deletion disappeared. Thank you.

        1. Well society can get blue-nosed about it if they want. But I would NOT have considered it abuse.

  3. Re: Lottie Moss, I have only this to say:

    Ctrl+ Ctrl+ Ctrl+ Ctrl+ Ctrl+ Ctrl+ Ctrl+

    *puts on reading glasses*


      1. Hiding in my basement; most of my work is remote these days — my court work is all federal, so my hearings are 95% through Zoom, which is nice, because I prefer to argue sans pantalons. I still read ya daily, I just don’t post much, on account of being a combative prick of a lawyer and I don’t wanna scuzz up your comment section. I trust you and yours are well.

  4. These militant cross-dressers and the rest of the Alphabet People crowd are really pushing me away from my prior “you do you” attitude and more towards a “kill it with fire” mentality.

    Good thing there’s no such thing as a slippery slope!

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