Bypassing The Left

As GoFuckYourself (typo?) has suspended the Freedom Convoy’s fundraiser , I thought I’d point you all to a different funding source:  GiveSendGo, who have raised over a million in the past day or so for this most excellent cause.

If you can spare a few $$, head over there and donate.

Of course, the added site traffic is massive, and to add to the problems, Lefty bots have been active with DDOS attacks (the fuckers), but just persevere and you’ll get through, as I did.


  1. GiveSendGo just went from “never heard of them” to “let’s use them a lot” for a bunch of folks.

  2. Done ! Read report that the commies have now agreed to return ALL the donations to the Freedom Convoy back to the donors. Hopefully folks will turn around and donate on the Christian site. the commie site has been doing this crap for several years.

  3. If you request a refund from GoFundMe they have to pay a $15 processing fee. If they refund automatically the processing fee is waived. It will take 6 or 7 business days to refund $10 million. If everybody requested a refund it could severely hurt their business.

    Request a refund.

    1. A financial DDOS, then? I can’t think of a group more deserving of such an event as GFM.

  4. If your money got donated to a charity that GFM chose I wonder if you could dispute the charge? Wouldn’t disputing it cause them more of a headache for GFM than a refund?

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