Train Smash Catastrophe!

OMG this cannot be true!

Aintree set to BAN photographers from taking pictures of badly-dressed women at Grand National meeting

But… but… but where are we going to get pics of Train Smash Women, when their best source will be denied us?

Saith the sniffy killjoy boss of the event:

John Baker, managing director of the racecourse, hoped the ban would put an end to what he claimed was unfair coverage of customers getting drunk or flashing too much flesh at the event.
He said: ‘We want to overwhelm the negativity, to push the positivity to the front.

Here’s some frontal positivity for you:


‘Our event is full of character, it’s fun, and that’s generated by the personality of the Liverpool people.’

Ah, yes… that Scouser personality:



He warned that any photographer taking unflattering pictures would lose their accreditation.
‘We have to absolutely protect that because it’s at the core of what we are, and we have a responsibility to our customers to project the correct image.
‘We have talked about trying to monitor those photographers, so if we see any element clearly looking for a negative shot and we can identify that, we will take their accreditation off them and we’ll kick them off the site.
‘That’s not easily manageable, but that’s what we’ll endeavour to do.’


My feelings exactly.


  1. I am fascinated with these special ladies playing ‘dress up’ and wonder if we have anything thing like that in the USofA, going to fairs in Texas you see some super strange creatures but never the ‘dress up’ thing and years ago I decided I did not need to see excess women showing excess flesh so I don’t, don’t go anymore.
    Those ladies in the UK seem to be kind of like ‘women of Walmart’ dress for suckcess, but with perhaps less tattoos than Texas Walmart wenches.

  2. We have the Kentucky Derby, which descends from the same tradition and has the same “dress up” element as the British races, but is generally classier, as far as I can tell. The laws for public drunkenness in Kentucky are a bit more restrictive than those of the UK, I’d wager.

    1. Even the Brits – well, those south of the Watford Gap – evert their eyes from the hayhem that is Aintree……

  3. “We have to absolutely protect that because it’s at the core of what we are, and we have a responsibility to our customers to project the correct image.”

    Huh, probably learned that from observing in the US press that all criminal, black punks are 8 years old, tops.

  4. It would be easier, and much more effective, to just impose a dress code that attendees must satisfy; and, Yes, it could be attacked as arbitrary and subjective – but if you don’t like it, you can stay away.

  5. Pic #2 stuns me, in the fact that she looked at herself in the mirror before she left and thought, “Yeah I look good in this get up”

  6. Never mind the rubbish women, just look at the rubbish they leave behind (third pic). Disgusting.

  7. Pic #3: You can hear the loud flatulence as she sticks out her tongue and tells you to bugger off.

  8. If you don’t want photographers publishing the shitshow that is Aintree then put more effort into preventing the shitshow from entering the grounds.

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