Canuckis Fight Back

Like this guy, I have often shaken my head at our more-accommodating neighbors over the border for their complaisant attitudes when it comes to things like gun registration and other Lefty bullshit (Canucki Readers of this website most definitely not included).  However:

Trudeau (volume alert)

I nearly wet myself.

And then there’s this Irish Revolution… also worth a chuckle.

But best of all, this.


We Murkins should start doing our part in all this, and I don’t just mean smart-alec stickers on gas pumps. I mean:  do we want to be shown up by Canadians?

Fuck Joe Biden and all his camp followers.

Update:  the Canucki Fuzz are hinting at violence to end the peaceful protest.  Quelle surprise.


  1. US Truckers were attempting to organize a similar protest in DC, but Fakebook shut them down.

  2. I hope the truckers have tire irons, hockey sticks and bats for protection. And most of all I hope the police start catching what the tow truck operators have contracted.


  3. What really impresses me about this and I live in Minnesota, is the truckers and protesters lining the roads are doing it below zero weather. Truck on!

  4. The buried lede is this:

    With respect to Enlightenment Era concepts of individual liberty, outside of Red America and certain segments of our Canadian cousins, the Anglosphere has mostly collapsed.

    Blue America: OMG. I just got back from DC….those people are COWED into Covid subservience and obedience.

    Britain/UK: snivelers who de-facto and de-jure don’t trust themselves with sharpened bits of metal. Stick a fork in them (because they have no knives) they’re done.

    Australia: Draconian lockdowns cheerfully tolerated
    New Zealand: ditto
    Canadia: ditto
    Ireland: ???
    Scotland: ???

    May the Honkening be the turning point.

    1. The blue staters are going to fall apart once restrictions go away. JWZ, once of the major developers of Netscape back in the day, who walked away and bought a nightclub in San Francisco, recently said that the city should close all the clubs & bars and pay everyone to stay home. He’s one step from demanding people who aren’t “vaccinated” be rounded up and put in camps.

      Meanwhile here in Texas, nobody wears a mask who doesn’t want to be a sheep (or, possibly there are a few people at risk) since last March.

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