Oh, How Charming

Via Insty comes this cheery news, which I ranted about a while back:

The Department of Justice is opening a new unit to investigate acts of domestic terrorism, a top national security official said during a Senate committee hearing Tuesday.

And will this unit be mobilized against, say, Antifa or BLM, given the following:

While there is no specific federal domestic terrorism statute, the federal government defines domestic terrorism as criminal acts dangerous to human life that appear to be intended to intimidate or coerce civilians or the policy of a government.

Of course it will.  [/sarc]  As with all things, the devil will be in the details.

Given that we already have such an agency (that would be the Fucking Bastard Institution), would this new bunch of Gummint agents be of a more, ummm, paramilitary nature?  (Also unnecessary, given the Feebs’ Swatties, but nemmind.)

My guess is that this crew will be dedicated to going after the so-called (and non-existent) “Rightwing extremists”, and if they can’t find any, they’ll create them (see:  David Koresh, Randy Weaver, Ashli Babbit, etc.) to justify their existence.

Whatever they call it, it would have sounded better in the original German:  Gestapo.

Sigh.  Just another rat’s nest to be rescinded by Executive Order on Day One of the new Republican presidency in 2024.

In the meantime, I guess it’s time to visit a Toyota dealership…

…because I’d hate to disappoint the new guys.


  1. The fun part will be when they finally realize that the US has a few million people who are effectively “trained insurgents” who have skills like sniping, explosives, and general mayhem in their resumes.

    1. Don’t forget the tens of thousands who cycled through ASA/NSG/USAFSS picking up skills in collecting and analyzing info.

    1. Slant,
      that’s a great video. I’m sure these local government officials will go on about how they serve at the pleasure of the electorate and that it’s a great honor but when the electorate tells them in clear terms that they’re doing a terrible job, they get authoritarian. Not enough of these petty tyrants are being taught the hard way that their policies and attitudes are atrocious.


  2. I thought we had one already

    Department of Homeland Security.

    Oh, right, they’re not ‘secret’.

    Do we really need another ‘security’ agency to use up the letters of the alphabet not taken by CIA, FBI, NSA, DHS, TSA, DEA, EPA, NOAA, and DOE.

    EPA, NOAA and Department of Education? Oh, sorry, they have armed agents, I just assumed they were part of our security apparatus.

    1. DY,
      you’re not wrong about EPA, NOAA and the Dept of Indoctrination. These agencies are part of the indoctrination approach to controlling the population


  3. If it’s run anything like the FBI, it’ll be a complete clusterf*cK. Lone wolves won’t be found. “Known wolves” won’t be apprehended until they’ve taken lives, and the only domestic terrorists they’ll arrest before they do anything will be the ones they create, ala the Whitmer kidnapping conspiracy.

    Watch and cringe. Popcorn optional.

  4. Kim,
    Great choice in trucks but FYI Toyota doesn’t have very many options to turn your truck into a technical. All of those are from third party suppliers and frequently are best home built.

    A killdozer would be a great build too


  5. “intended to intimidate or coerce civilians ”

    Seems like the mere existence of this division of the FBI implies that it should immediately commence an investigation of itself.

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