I know that politicians are completely ignorant about everything not political or legal — and even then, they’re not especially bright — but Elizabethan ignorance on everything can only be truly appreciated by acknowledging her academic credentials.  [/snark]

Even by her own heritage of ignorance, however, Elizabeth Warren’s latest broadside against Big Grocery must rank among her greatest cock-ups.

“What happens when only a handful of giant grocery store chains like Kroger dominate an industry? They can force high food prices onto Americans while raking in record profits.” Warren claimed that “a handful of giant chains” had replaced the wide selection of smaller stores that used to dot the American landscape, and she called for the use of the government’s antitrust power to “break up these giant corporations.”

Ah yes… let’s blame an industry for price gouging — an industry that traditionally runs on 0.75% net profit margins.

Remember, by the way, that while I know a few things about some things, and almost nothing about a whole lot more, when it comes to the supermarket business, I know everything about it.  That’s not a brag, nor even an exaggeration;  it’s what comes from close to a third of a century of experience in and around the industry.

So hear me now when I saw that Reason Magazine’s Joe Lancaster has it exactly right:

In actuality, for much of the last year, grocery stores have seen enormous boosts in revenue, but not increased profitability, for the simple reason that everything has been costing more:  not just products, but transportation, employee compensation, and all the extra logistical steps needed to adapt to shopping during a pandemic.  Couple that with persistent inflation—which Warren also recently blamed on “price gouging”—and it is no wonder that things seem a bit out of balance.

She is clueless, a fraud and incompetent.  All she has is Marxist dialectic by which to formulate her idiotic positions on every topic under the sun — dialectic which when translated into policy has boasted a record of 100% failure — and the sooner the citizens of Massachusetts vote this moron out of office, the better the country will become.


  1. Well somebody has to be blamed for rising prices. If it isn’t the corporations at fault, then whose fault is it?

    1. After all, Fauxcahontas and others of her gang aren’t the ones charging more for stuff!

  2. It always amazes me to hear politicians inveigh against the conditions they create with their legislation and regulations – both the inflation and the aggregation. She may not see the connection, but we do.

  3. As a Massachusetts voter, I’m not so sure she’s the stupid one. Lie-A-Watha has a very low opinion of the intelligence of her constituency who will elect whoever has a D next to their name. It doesn’t help that our local version of the stupid party puts weak and underfunded RINO candidates up to try run against her. The voters here believe whatever ridiculous theory she puts forward. If anything, they think she doesn’t go far enough left. It’s amazing. Next up on the ballot, is a “Millionaires Tax” that everyone here can’t wait to vote for. Her recent run in with Elon Musk had no impact on her popularity here. It was also completely ignored by the local media, other than the one conservative radio station.

    As soon as we can find a nice replacement home — we’re out of here.

    1. Ah, Taxechussetts . I used to summer there, in my youth, in the New Bedford area. Nice people. Yankees with a strong mixture of Cape Verde Portuguese. Horribly misgoverned by the Democrat machine established by the Kennedy crime family.

    2. California has done that “tax the millionaire” bit twice now. Each time, 1/3 of them bailed out of the state, so the state doesn’t even break even. They kept trying to increase it every couple of years, but it took 20 yrs to get the second grab passed. 10% surcharge the first time, an additional 3% the second. I noticed a lot less of them in the state the second time, so the state has been losing lots of high income people since the dot com days (first time for that tax).

  4. Another Massachusetts gift to America that just won’t go away – Kerry, Romney, Warren, Kennedy(x), Frank.

    And you can see Massachusetts doesn’t really care about the morals of who they send to inflict their asinine views on the rest of the country.

    Warren – liar and fantasist
    Kennedy – murderer and assorted other things that would put the rest of us behind bars
    Romney – moron
    Frank – what can I say about that one that won’t trigger someone
    Kerry – flucking rich boy lying traitor

    It’s one thing to have a morally corrupt representative, happens to everybody at one point or another, but it’s another to know they’re corrupt and yet send them back to Washington again and again and again.

    Only California and New York can rival Massachusetts for the idiocy they force the rest of us to endure via their representatives, and per capita that means the Taxachusetts idiots are way more powerful.

    I was born and grew up there so I feel like I have some license to say though it pains me to admit that’s where I came from, and I do it as infrequently as I can manage. I’ve earned my nom de post as DamnedYankee.

    I damn sure choose not to live there.
    God bless Texas.

  5. If you think Warren is bad, Ed Markey is even worse. Massachusetts has turned its back on American ideals of individual responsibility, hard work, liberty etc etc. As Damned Yankee stated above, the electorate of MA just keeps sending imbeciles to office. I’m very glad I left that place.

    Liz Warren has been shown repeatedly to be a fraud and a liar yet she remains very popular in the People’s Democrat Republic of Massachusetts and among the moonbat left. LIar-watha has been wrong about everything from her ancestry to every policy she weighs in on.


  6. Fauxcahontas is one of the lucky ones high up on my Flog Before Hang list. Even her delivery of her lies is wretched to watch.

  7. the list goes on.

    You forgot
    Mike Dukas – Clueless Policy Wonk who ran for President to escape before the time bomb he inflicted on the Massachusetts economy exploded.
    Ed Markey – our other Senator, who’s only private sector experience was driving an ice cream truck while going to school.
    Ayanna Pressley — Makes AOC look like a conservative.

    1. Bumper sticker seen in the New Bedford area during the Mike Dukakis campaign; “Save the other 49, keep the Duke at home.”

  8. I don’t know about America but over here a big problem has been the major chains forcing lower prices on suppliers.

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