Quote Of The Day

From American Greatness:

“Saving the planet may be the supposed moral imperative behind policies that create scarcity, but the true motivation is power and greed.  In reality, imposing scarcity is a convenient way to consolidate political power and economic resources in the hands of existing elites.”

It’s being said about California’s water shortage, but it’s equally true in just about any situation.


  1. There’s a long list of things that are scarce in California… water, electricity, gas, guns, ammo, public beach access points. All things in the hands of existing elites.

  2. most alleged environmentalists these days are really watermelons; green environmentalists on the outside and red communists on the inside.

    Let the planet evolve


  3. In other news, Germany is shutting down 3 perfectly good nuclear generating plants, with the last 3 due to close later this year…
    Meanwhile, Germany is also shutting down coal fired generation.
    The new tautology “elites == idiots”

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