News Roundup

So far, 2022 is shaping up pretty much as expected.

so now telling the truth is a jailable offense?  And then we have this:

…and everyone wonders where that came from…

can you say, “fix!”, children?  I knew you could.

seeing as it can resurrect aging, broken-down male body parts, this should come as no surprise.

not counting the gun transactions sans background checks, of which I know personally quite a few hem hem.

this isn’t shocking;  what would be shocking is the number of people who think that violence against the government is never justified.

not mentioned:  how long she has to sleep afterwards to recover her strength.

key word:  Australia.

And now a new feature:  Dept. of Covidiocy (with no links because reasons).


…and one with a link:

LOL.  Rules, meet moneyOh, wait


oh, where would we be without !SCIENCE! ?

And speaking of “shaping up”, here (courtesy of Reader AndrewR), is Stephanie Ferraro from Strylia:

Good grief, but that’s a lotta woman right there.  Yummy.


  1. Stephanie is a hottie, that’s for sure. And not ‘shy’ about her figure, I found out after a brief Googlz. Wow!

  2. RE: the jailed Surgeon.

    Women don’t want to open their legs anymore? What century is he living in?

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