Whoa Mama

The other day I was browsing through a report of some celebrity event (so that y’all don’t have to), said event being a country music award thing, featuring 50+ popsy Connie Britton (invited, no doubt, because she once played a country singing star on TV).

Well, says, I, nothing wrong with having a look at Connie, even though she’s a tiresome old Lefty, because I loved her in Friday Night Lights :

Yup, it’s all still there.

However, in scrolling down the page past a few country musicians I’d never heard of before (no surprise as I’m by no means a fan of the genre) I came upon one Hannah Dasher, and my ears suddenly pricked up, because:

Yup, I know she’s a big ol’ gal, but as any fule kno, that’s my particular weak spot.

So on to her music.  Here’s You’re Gonna Love Me

…and by golly, I do.

Afterthought:  yes, she reminds me of her too, only in brunette.


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