Pussification Continuation

Apparently, men’s access to female pudenda has a new set of requirements:

Ten years ago, baby-faced men were passed over in Hollywood for rugged looking stars with more traditionally masculine looks. But today more feminine-looking actors with delicate features, shorter stature and symmetrical faces are more in demand because they appear to younger viewers, experts claim.
Gen Z audiences are drawn to celebrities like Tom Holland, Timothée Chalamet and Harry Styles who embody a ‘brand of enlightened non-toxic masculinity’, according to beauty expert Laura Kay.


I can only hope that this trend is confined to Britishland — and to be honest, Brit men (with a few notable exceptions) have always struck me as being somewhat effeminate.

Anyway, if the above is a general trend for Gen Z snowflakes all over the world, then good luck to them.  May they reap the rewards they so richly deserve.

But I’m more pissed off by the fact that my efforts to get my toxic masculinity back in shape have all been for nothing:

(photo may have been slightly altered, e.g. I don’t have a tattoo)


  1. I’m 6’3″ bearded, ride a motorcycle, and shoot guns. My girlfriend is a dainty 5′.

    Thankfully she doesn’t want some guy who can fit into her clothes, nor do I want some amazon woman who can fit into mine. As it should be.

    1. If Mr True Brit was in my clothes I’d know the reason why!

      Re foppish men. One word. No. I want a wide shouldered taller than me (preferably lightly bearded and sporting a six pack – that’s him, not me) manly man to fight off the bad guys, not hit them with their handbags!

  2. Effeminacy in male entertainers seems to come and go. I remember, with horror, Boy George, and the various big-hair bands of the 80s. Hopefully this is just another fad that will die as these actors get older.

  3. “…who embody a ‘brand of enlightened non-toxic masculinity’,…”
    who embody a ‘brand of enlightened non- masculinity’,

  4. Hmmm? Please explain how Yellowstone is the top rated TV show in the US. Cowboy macho anyone!

  5. Boys raised as gurlz by their single parent toxic mothers with major chips on their shoulders. The females that are attracted to said anomalies come from the same background. The resulting couples don’t have children so, like fags, their timeline is finite.

  6. I read somewhere (I think it was Instapundit) that hormonal birth control makes women be attracted to more effeminate men than they would without the birth control. Additionally, this and other pharmaceuticals seem to be getting out into the environment, partially because wastewater treatment plants are properly filtering this stuff out.

    1. “…partially because wastewater treatment plants are NOT properly filtering this stuff out.”

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