1. I think the guy driving the ford will be wishing the gunshot had killed him rather than just kept him from getting away.

  2. ” ‘Latte’ is French for ‘you paid too much for that coffee.’ ”

    I can’t argue with that. But sometimes it’s the least bad option. I used to meet with some other guys at a Starbucks once a month. We would drink coffee and chat for an hour or so, then pick a local restaurant and head over there for dinner. Using Starbucks as the initial meeting place wasn’t my idea, but I went along with it.

    I do not like the brewed coffee that Starbucks sells. It taste burnt and bitter to me. I found that the latte was much more palatable. Overpriced, yes, but better than the brewed coffee or nothing at all.

    That particular group of guys doesn’t meet anymore. One of us lost interest and gradually stopped showing up. We met via Zoom for most of the last year. We finally reached the point where several of us were sick of Zoom and ready to start meeting in person again, but one guy (the only registered Democrat, of course) refused. That left us with too few people to make it worthwhile, and the whole thing fell apart.

  3. Dr. Kim, with your permission I’d like to snag a few of those to share with friends (and yes, I do have friends).

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