1. I’m not much for rebooting classics, but naked Selma from the 599 with a 1911 is a big improvement over Colonel Mustard in the library with a rope.

  2. You’ve let us down again, Kim; that Selma clip should be feature film length and in 4K. Wanna try again?

    But the 1911 shot is perfect. As for the NYTEC, if the universal treatment is prescribed for the entire city (concentrated application of random atoms) it should take care of the problem (and there are people who fear a nuclear war with Russia or China – I look at it as a potential cleansing opportunity…if we can get them to geographically cooperate. Maybe we could try a Kickstarter campaign?).

    Never seen a 599 in the flesh (or in a decent pic before today, either) but if its electrics and general assembly are anything like the Dino’s I’ll take a 1950s-era Buick instead…those I can fix with a hammer and channellocks.

  3. Thanks, Kim, I’d forgotten what a stunner the 599 was – the others were well implanted in memory.

  4. I’ve seen a clip of (I think) a younger Amanda Plummer stark naked shooting some unidentified pistol. The Internet is supposed to be forever, so I’ll see if I can make my “google-fu” work.

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