Kindred Spirit


Earlier this month, a man was arrested after he allegedly threatened to kill TSA agents. “This is a free country,” he said before swinging a line post at officers who shocked him with a stun gun, according to charges brought against the man. Shortly before his confrontation with TSA, he was reportedly seen headbutting TV screens, stripping naked and masturbating in the airport.

Now who among us can claim never to have wanted to do all that?

I know:  you never go Full Belushi.


  1. “Now who among us can claim never to have wanted to do all that?”

    Me, I’d never masturbate in public and I’d not need to strip after arriving at the airport if such unclothed travel were legal (and practical, which given the winter climate here it currently isn’t) here.

    Got to wonder though how any of that equates to threatening to kill TSA agents 🙂

    1. JW, you’ve just never been that drunk.

      As for “threatening to kill TSA agents”, he was just saying out loud what we’ve all secretly thought and wanted to do.

  2. I think his real mistake was “threatening to kill tsa agents”.

    If you’re going to go full Belushi, don’t half ass it.

  3. He was previously coddled numerous times by the “authorities” for his assaults on others.

    The first time he assaulted someone he should have done a year at “hard labor” which might have taken the wind out of his sail.

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