News Roundup

Even worse than usual, these news snippets.

gosh, and to think that only 18 months ago the U.S. was totally energy-independent.  What could have happened since then?

And in related news:

given the serious competition from Kamala, AOC, Tlaib, Schumer, etc., it’s more like a necklace of albatrosses.

because he wrote that racist “Declaration” thing, no doubt.  Oh. wait
Daneek Miller (D-Queens) said he wanted the statue gone because it doesn’t represent contemporary values.
and NOW you can start oiling the ropes.

some?  Res ipse loquitur.

yeah, we’ll get right onto that.  And on the same topic:

gosh, why ever would that be?  Oh, wait:

that’s why.

you lost, get over it, STFU and enjoy the fruits of Western civilization.

maybe not in your house, fuckwit, but everywhere else in Real America

and we’re going to do just the same here.  Viva Chile!  Let’s Go Brandon!

it started going downhill when to save money, UK doctors were encouraged to “consult horoscopes” instead of using actual medicine.

once more, with feeling:  Rope.  Tree.  District Attorney.  (Some assembly required.)

and your point?

ummm because he is?

I would have thought you could just use fish oil instead of cologne, but what do I know?



which makes the rather surprising implication that only Black people loot.


it also being a crime for Black people to call each other “dumb-ass nigger”, and London’s Cockneys may not refer to people from Newcastle as “fucking Geordies”.

Here are a sample few of the aforementioned Geordies.

Donna Air

Jill Halfpenny

Shivaani Ghai

Andrea Riseborough

Cheryl Cole

Of course, they don’t all look like that, but I wanted to spare you the projectile vomiting.

No?  Okay, then… say hello to the Geordie Shore girls.


  1. Wow. 50-million barrels!

    Which is less than 3 days use in the US (roughly 20 million Bbl/day).

    Hell of a job, Dotard!

    1. Um, how about firing up Keystone !! Too simple ??
      Just keep in mind –
      This is not stupid, ignorant or senility or ……………………….
      This is part of a plan with more steps to it and a LOT of money behind it !!
      Just as an aside, I’m getting tired of ‘Biden decided this’ or Biden is planning that’
      or ‘Biden ordered this or that’ , on and on about how Biden is ‘running’ everything.
      Biden is not doing nor deciding a damn thing. He says what is fed to him through
      his earpiece, goes where he is told and eats his ice cream.
      That’s about it.
      Anyone who thinks that Biden is cognitive enough to decide anything more
      complicated than whether it’s daytime or nighttime ………………………………… well I still have that bridge for sale, great price and used very little !
      From what I’ve seen, Jill controls him, at least close up. As to who is executing
      the plan, I have no idea, just a suspicion or two.

  2. That woman who had a quick second pregnancy? I’m told that getting pregnant can reboot a woman’s fertility.

      1. _WE_ have that figured out, but there are some who can’t figure out who has a penis and who has a vagina.

  3. Re: Oil. As noted above, about three days worth. Oil that .gov bought with taxpayer dollars from the oil companies, that will now be put on the market and sold back to the taxpayers at the pump. Right.

    Re: Daneek Miller (D-Queens). To quote Hub McCann, “THEN LEAVE!”.

    1. It would be nice to think that that oil was all bought when the bbl price was negative, and they were paying you to take it away.

  4. Climate Change – besides being a thinly veiled power grab, it is the convenient whipping boy to blame for all your failures; e.g.,
    “The government of Eswatini has expressed concern that climate change is exacerbating existing social challenges such as poverty, a high HIV prevalence“, (27% of the population)

    I don’t suppose their Afro-African cultural values have anything to do with that? Nah, it’s all whitey’s fault.

  5. “Smells like metal, leather, and glass.”

    More like Jet-A, burnt coffee, and corporate bullshit if you’re going for realism.

  6. Geeze, how stupid do they think we are?
    Jennifer Granholm is the dumbest of them all, and that’s saying a lot!

  7. Keri Butler, executive director of the Public Design Commission that voted to banish the statue [of Jefferson]…
    Cee You Next Tuesday Keri.

  8. The perfect gift for a man who wants to smell like a cockpit…
    …with odors of metal, leather and glass??
    Leather? What are they flying – a Sopwith Camel?
    Better add some sweat and jet fuel to the mix, with a hint of stale barf so you can win out over the guy with the beer hall cologne.

  9. Trump completely filled the Strategic Reserve tanks by accepting those negative price oil future contracts during the Russian-Saudi price war glut.

    Speculators ended up paying the US government billions for the privilege of refilling those tank farms.

    1. I am always curious as to why people who use the word “speculators” in a pejorative way think they are conservative or believe in private enterprise.

      Do you think you are conservative or believe in private enterprise?

      Or did I misread your comment?

      1. You read too much into it. By speculators, I meant the dictionary definition of the word. They speculated that the price would go up, and paid for their error when price discovery did not meet their expectations.

  10. Eau du JP-5 really isn’t on my list of preferred smells. After 40 years in aviation, I still find it sickening.

    1. Like pulling away from the dock with cold Detroits and then opening it up with a following wind – not a great way to start a day fishing.

  11. Somebody named Shavaani Ghai may be a lot of things, and “doable” is absolutely one of them — but “Geordie” is not.

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