Black Friday Suggestions

A little while back, Larry Correia done a rant, excellent as always, ending with the wonderful payoff line:

But these stupid motherfuckers are not going to quit pushing until a critical mass of Americans just says fuck it and go full on Rwandan machete party.

Unlikely.  The only reason the Rwandans went all slashy was because they had no Second Amendment at their disposal.  We, however…

Anyway, Larry’s point was not about machetes, per se, but predictably the comments that followed were all about machetes, good ones, brand names, where to get them, etc.

Kinda like the tangent my Readers would follow, bless ’em.

Of course, in that SHTF eventuality I wouldn’t depend on a machete (panga, as they’re known in Africa), because of the invention of brass cartridges and their excellent launching platforms as created by John Moses Browning, Mikhail Kalashnikov and other such fine folks.

Anyway, I believe I have the “slash” part of the party quite adequately covered by my Fox 685 “Trekking” blade:

…but believe me, it’s way down the list of tool options for the Great Society Realignment of 202x.


  1. I was taught how to use the kukri I was presented by the Officers and Men of 10 Gurkha Rifles in Hong Kong. My teacher was a Senior Gurkha NCO. How to sharpen, how to jab, how to cut and how to slash. There is an art to the useage of a kukri and I learned just enough of it to be able to cause some rather nasty damage to a person.

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