Ahhh Those Old Wounds Just Never Heal

From some guy, not one but four (consecutive) emails about The Pussification Of The Western Male :

re-reading your famous column and i gotta say, you’re a truly repugnant human being, and I’m glad your wife is dead.

…followed by:

i mean that from the bottom of my heart

… then:

she probably hated you

and finally:

fascist fat fuck, i hope the diabetes takes you out soon.

Back when Pussification was still freshly published, I got far worse emails, so this isn’t even decent invective.

Rough guess:  age about 19, at college doing some worthless “Studies” course and could well still be a virgin.  (Age revealed by lack of capitalization, level of outrage ditto.)  Otherwise, it could have been written by his “Studies” professor, but the grammar is usually better in cases like that.

Also, note that he had to send me his invective across four emails — i.e. delivered in Twitter-sized bits.  Dead giveaway of his age, right there.

I could publish his email so you guys could have some fun with him, but why bother?  No point wasting anybody’s time on this twerp.  I don’t even have diabetes.

Oh, and Mr. Burns, help yourself:

Whiny little bitch.


  1. They don’t call themselves virgins anymore. They manufactured the term incel so that it doesn’t sound as pathetic. (Remember that 1980s movie Last American Incel?)

    I had to look it up, when I first heard it, and it’s a contraction of “Involuntary Celibate”, because they’re too uneducated to realize that celibacy is defined as voluntarily choosing not to have sex.

  2. Another smug young liberal is outraged – what a shock! I wonder if he took the time to really read the entire “Pussification” story. Shouldn’t he be spending his time fighting social justice, global warming, etc.?

    “The Pussification of the Western Male” is still spot on.

    1. It’s not just that hesheit read it, they RE-read it. You know, just to top off the outrage tank.

  3. I’m ready to donate $1.00 to you or your favorite charity if you post his e-dress. Who’s with me?

  4. I have an original copy downloaded and saved just in case the dark forces of the interwebz ever decide to make it “go away.”

    Thank you for all the wonderful writing over the years.

    The Other Side of Kim du Toit – Essays
    The Pussification Of The Western Male

    November 4, 2003
    11:24 PM CST

  5. You are a man ahead of your times.

    Nothing whatsoever wrong with either piece. Not only were both right on target, matters have gotten worse. And the dude that sent those emails is an example of such a pussy.

    What do I, as a man, care about your opinion? I either agree, disagree, or don’t care. If I disagreed, I’d say so. But what he had was a classic mean-girl reaction.

    Personally, I’m sick of the gynocracy we live in. Tough times ahead will change that.

    1. I’m noticing something similar. Unfortunately I have 2 woke kids (they’s step-kids but they’s still mine), and what passes for discourse is a lot of bitch-bickering. Another thing is that the real drama starts happening, not when you oppose them, but when you let them know they are irrelevant. Them: “Everyone matters!!!!” , Me: “You don’t”. You also get to see the same response from Slobberin Joe when people ignored his vaccine mandate. “uhhh, uhh, uhhh…splutter, you can’t, I’m the president”


    “Pussification” and “Let Africa Sink” should be included in an update of “Harvard five foot shelf of books”

  7. The real knee-slapper is that he thinks you actually give a shit.

    ” I mean that from the bottom of my heart”

    Ok, random anonymous comment troll. Since you couched it that way, I’m really hurt.

    Beneath contempt.

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