News Roundup

Special Afghanistan Edition:

proving that even the Muzzies can get some things right.  And:

kinda like what we want to do to Democrats, really.

As for the Great Resettlement:

and as long as they end up in South Philly, they’ll feel quite at home.

that’s part of all that “cultural difference” the Woke are always telling us to respect.  Meanwhile, back home:

and in response, the Biden Administration applies the hammer:

that’ll show ’em.  Or maybe not:

there ya go.

Time for a little RCOB moment or two:

as they watch their viewership fall, and fall.

and to nobody’s surprise, no one has been arrested.  Had this been thirteen (Homo) Pride flags, however, the offenders would have been arrested and sentenced already.

Finally, let’s just think of what some Afghan women would look like without the naqib:


Sad, innit?


  1. Ah, the child brides. I’m waiting for the truest test of woke inclusivity: someone soliciting a Muslim baker for cake inscribed with Muhammad Was A Pedophile.

  2. They do not care how the imports vote. They just want us to lose track of the population count to make there malfeasance at the polls look better.

    We will never have a fair and honest election in this country again until or when they bring some of the hacks that did the last one to the court of law and get some jail time.

    But I will see flying pigs before that happens.

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