Not Just A Rug Anymore

I’ve often talked about how there’s no point in admitting immigrants — and especially refugees (like Rep. Ilhan Omar, for example) — when they are not interested in becoming part of the national culture, and in fact are actively hostile to it.

It seems as though Austria is starting to see the wisdom in those words, albeit too late.

Read the rest to see exactly why.

And note that the Austrians can’t change their laws to reflect their new reality and deport said criminals and rapists back to their shithole of origin, because they are governed by EU law in this regard, and cannot change it.

I can hear yet another Brexit-sigh of relief coming from Britishland…


  1. “[Afghans are] owners of Japanese restaurants…”

    Heh. Methinks the author is either injecting humor or that’s a shout out to someone he knows personally (or a restaurant he frequents).

  2. When gov’t’s behave like criminals it is up to the citizens and/or victims of the criminals to behave as judge, jury, and executioner.

    IOW, the legal system refuses to deal with their responsibilities the citizenry should step in, even clandestinely, and render solution.

    I have always believed this way and have long believed that if anyone for any reason ever harmed my wife they would never make it through the legal fraud. The perp has not enough ass to pay for the crime.

  3. How long before Belarus and Ukraine get defined as ‘Russians’ for ammo ban purposes?

  4. The UK doesn’t need the EU to enable rapes. They do just fine on their own. Can you say Rotherham.

  5. Kill them all. Good, bad, doesn’t matter. Kill the politicians that import them. Kill the apologists that excuse them. Load the bodies on a barge, tow it several 100 miles out into the ocean and sink it. Either that or nuke it from orbit, that’s the only way to be sure.

  6. A whole lot of Afghan refugees are about to come to America. Rumor has it that a bunch of them will be settled in Texas.
    Starting Sept 1, Texans will have no permit-required CCW. It will be interesting to see what happens when feral Afghan yoots attack Texas women who are carrying concealed. It will likely be quite the eye-opening experience for those yoots, compared to their fellow Afghan refugees experience in Europe.

    1. Let’s hold off on assuming the Afghan refugees are feral. I admit it’s a strong possibility, but I also remember a lot of ‘viewing with alarm’ over the Vietnamese refugees that came in after that mess, and they didn’t come close to living down to that hype.

      After all, these are folks the Taliban hates. That’s a decent recommendation, isn’t it?

      1. Maybe not. The enemy of my enemy is ok for active troops in combat, not so much for neighbors back home. Some might be pure as driven snow, others might have helped us in order to secure revenge against an old enemy, seek protection from the same, or otherwise just try a different approach in continuing the centuries of tribal warfare. The problem is, who are we going to rely on in making that determination? And when the powers that be import the “refugees” and we see that 90+% of them are military age males (no women, no children, no old people), then what?

        1. Then they get to deal with a populace that is widely armed and already irritable. Yes, it will be a mess, but if some good people get the hell out of Talibanistan that will be a plus.

  7. Austria can do this in the EU, they just need to be creative.

    Hungary has a border fence 10 km inside their border. The actual border is uncontrolled, but non-EU persons without a visa cannot go any further into Hungary. These refugees end up walking in that 10 km wide strip until they get to a country that will let them in.

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