Resignation Mixed With Glee

As the Year Of The Biden Shitshow rumbles on, I find myself in the curious situation of caring deeply about people getting shafted in, for example, Afghanistan, and not caring a shit about it all.

The reason for my glee is that I think the country is realizing — finally — that the Left has no clue.  No clue about how to govern, about how to manage foreign policy, about formulating any kind of social policy that isn’t a rehash of failed socialist dogma not only of the past but of the recent past, and absolutely no clue about how to fight and win a war.

As a single individual, there’s pretty much nothing I can do about any of it, really.  Al I can do is to chronicle and comment on the depths of scorn with which one can describe their flailing and ineffectual attempts to manage… well, everything.

Over the weekend, I read this article by Erik at No Paseran! in which he states:

[T]he members of the Biden administration, like the drama queens in all Democrat administrations, knows that the true enemies of America, of the planet, and of all mankind are not the Taliban, the Islamists, the Chinese, the Russians, the Soviets, the communists, etc, etc, etc.
The top pressing issue is to turn the United States government and the United States military against those whom all leftists, both in America and abroad, know are America’s, are humanity’s, true enemy — the Republicans, i.e, the American people who still believe in the country, in the flag, and in the Constitution. Also known as fascists, as Nazis, as Adolf Hitlers, and — to this administration — as “insurrectionists” and as “domestic terrorists.”

Of course, we conservatives have known about this forever — the principal weapon of the Left is to dehumanize and demonize their political opposition — so Erik’s comment is accurate indeed.

But for the first time in a long time I feel okay about it.  And that’s because I just know that the Left is going to fuck that up just as badly as they’ve managed the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

(In passing, I see that the Biden Bunch have banned imports of Russian-made ammo and  -firearms for a year.  It’s a little late for that, assholes.  Just about everyone who wants an AK-47, AK-74 or Dragunov already has one;  there are shitloads of said guns still in people’s houses all over the U.S., and ditto for the various Russkie ammo calibers.  The guys at Prvi Partizan, to name but one ammo manufacturer, must be ramping up production and hiring extra shifts.)

If what Erik says is prophetic, i.e. that after pulling us back from all “foreign entanglements”, the Democrat Administration and even the Democrat part of Congress will be devoting all their attention to suppressing conservative America, I’m just laughing.

Their attempts to jigger voting procedures in their favor have stalled or failed, and let us not forget they have to do it all before most of them get tossed out in the mid-term elections of 2022 (15 months, and counting down).

The other thing that makes me gleeful is that even if these assholes are successful in suppressing their domestic political opposition (unlikely), the Great Reset they’re always talking about is not going to turn out quite the way they expected.  But by now, the Left should be quite used to the concept of unforeseen outcomes — the word “unexpectedly” is by now very familiar to them.

Bring it on, fuckwits.


  1. I’ve spent decades waiting for the lefties to see the error of their ways. But just when I think it’s finally going to happen, they stick their fingers in their ears and start singing, “la la la la la”.

    They are the clinical definition of insanity. They just need to try it again one more time only harder.

    Personally I think it’s more important to stop them from fucking everything up to begin with. If you’re waiting for them to fuck things up and then realize it was their fault, you’re going to be waiting a long time.

  2. I think you are severely under estimating the capacity of complete assholes to asshole. The depth of retardation is unlimited and as long as retards are not throttled, yet encouraged, the shitshow will continue and escalate unabated. The day is fast approaching when each of us will get the opportunity deal justice as we see fit, or not. Me? I do my best to stay out of the fray. But if some how the retard(s) find me I will not hesitate to deal with the situation in ways that are most beneficial to me and mine. They better just stay away and leave me alone.

    1. Sorry it’s late, but I must say “severely under estimating the capacity of complete assholes to asshole” wins the internet. BZ

  3. Sadly, most conservatives are still asleep. This is largely the fault of the conservative commentariat who seems to think we can reason our way back to sanity. Or meme our way back.

  4. A major problem is that the pool of potential replacements for the current malign and/or incompetent elected, appointed, military, or civil service officials all seem to be indistinguishable from the incumbents. For every Jefferson or Madison out there there’s a bunch of Cromwells and Robespierres.

    1. There always are……which is why we cherish the Jeffersons and Madisons so much more.

  5. “I think you are severely under estimating the capacity of complete assholes to asshole. The depth of retardation is unlimited…”

    Absolute truth, that.

    The world can be in flames, blood and bodies everywhere, knives at their throats, and Lefties will still deeply and sincerely believe it’s all Trump’s fault because of those damn ignorant rednecks who voted for him.

    There’s a Reckoning coming and no one on either side will find any enjoyment in it. Wish there was another solution, but there ain’t.

      1. Ah, Kim, want to borrow a #1Mk3 with a P-07 bayonet?
        Alternatively, an 1897 Trench Broom with a M-1917 bayonet?

  6. That ammo will just get new headstamps, and be shipped to Romania or Bulgaria for re-boxing.

    After the Vietnam fuckup, the Democrats could not get a majority in either house of Congress for more than a decade.

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