1. Kat Dennings is an actress, probably best known for playing Natalie Portman’s sidekick/assistant in some of the “Thor” movies and she’s hot enough that several critics felt she should have had the main love interest part rather than the wooden Portman.

    She was also the lead actress in a tv show called “2 Broke Girls” also, opposite the way-too-skinny blonde Beth Behrs.

    1. One of her very first roles was a supporting gig in 40 Year Old Virgin.

      And for those like me who care about such things … She’s a member of The Tribe !!!

  2. Yeah, in the Thor movies, Kat is supposed to be the nerdy one. I think maybe she was worried about being typecast, so she posed for those pictures. Problem solved.

    Oh, and she also shows up in WandaVision, playing the same character without Natalie Portman. I can’t say that I missed Natalie at all.

  3. Helicopters? Piker.
    TTTO: Ballad of the Green Berets

    “Drooling Comrades, from the sky.
    Dumb Comrades, who fall and die.
    500 more, we’ll drop today,
    Per the plan of Pinochet.

    “Pinochet inspires us all,
    but he’s thinking way too small!
    US has a faster way,
    Shove them from a C5A!”

    10,000 feet, drop back ramp, open the front ramp just enough for a good draft. It’s like a fertilizer spreader for Commies, man.

    St Pinochet of the Helicopter, ora pro nobis.

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