Nobody seems to know who Sean Lock is in the U.S. (unless they watch stupid Brit TV quiz shows), but I for one am going to miss him, the sour, dark, cold bastard.

Question:  Does the full moon cause people to commit crime?
Answer:  No, it doesn’t.
Sean Lock:  Then why do I go out killing every month?

Sean Lock:  It’s amazing how many people will talk to you in a pub when you throw a pint of beer in dog’s face.

Question:  What is the traditional sport in which the contestants get thrown into a lava cauldron afterwards?
Sean Lock:  Show jumping.

Sean Lock:  I really wish they would.

Here’s Sean about Twitter…

…and relationships, and Glueball Wormening

…and political correctness, and why women earn less than men.

Anyway, Sean died of lung cancer last week, age 58.

Which makes the opening of this routine really ironic.


  1. “Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone.”
    I was just beginning to figure out who this Sean Lock was, and why what he said was important in Commiefornia, land of Gavin, Babs, Di, Nan and Round-heels.
    Appropos your thought in your next post, couldn’t we make Afghanistan a Commie museum where we could take all the commie party members, like the above from Commiefornia and the Squad, Schumer-rhymes-with-tumor, and especially that vile turncoat Eric Swalwell and that Chicom agent Fang Fang.

  2. I’ve really enjoyed Sean’s wicked humor and his delivery. I actually have been watching a lot of clips of “QI” and “8 Out of 10 Cats” lately. News of Sean’s death really hit me hard, because he was a few weeks younger than I am. Since it was lung cancer I assume he was a smoker, but still.

    My parents also both smoked, and they were approximately my (and Sean’s) age when they died of cancer. I’m very glad I never touched cigarettes.

  3. The man was brilliant and a master of the “Spit your drink out in surprise” one liner.

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