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Apparently some washed-up bureaucrat wants to deport Trump supporters to Afghanistan:

Retired Air Force general and former CIA and NSA chief Michael Hayden endorsed sending “MAGA wearing unvaxxed to Afghanistan” on board empty cargo planes.

…which led to this excellent response:


Although I’d like to have a little blue-sky fun, here.  (Please note the “fun” word;  it’s important.)

The population of Afghanistan is about 35 million.  Why shouldn’t President Braindead suggest that instead of resettling a couple-three thousand Afghans in the U.S., we should effect a complete swap of populations:  all Afghans (the whole fucking lot) into the U.S.

Then settle all 60-70 million Trump supporters (and their personal fortunes) in the now totally-denuded country of  Afghanistan, who can set up a government according to First Constitutional principles.  Along with them would come the state/National  Guard units (and all their equipment, materiel and supply chain infrastructure) of all the states which Trump carried in 2020, to serve as the military force of the new nation of Calvinia (after Coolidge, the model for all our Presidents to follow)

Within a year, the new nation will have ski resorts, hotel chains, casinos and flourishing agricultural and tech industries that would be right up with the best of them.  Also, proper roads, apartment complexes, hospitals and churches.

Now if you look at a map of the blighted place:

…you’ll see a few problems, e.g. that that Calvinia is surrounded by a whole bunch of -stans (and Iran onto the bargain), but we could serve notice on all of them that we’re there to stay, and nuke places like Teheran or the Turkmenistan oilfields if they start playing games, just to keep them in line.

Don’t ask me whether I’d rather live next door to some Portland Pantifas than some Muslim assholes, because I haven’t made up my mind yet.  Both are equally foul, to be frank.

The best part of all of this, though, would be watching from a distance as the former United States implodes into a patchwork of balkanized, impoverished settlements as they attempt to assimilate all 35 million rabid Afghan Muslims.

Or — and this may be a better idea — we could just forcibly deport the 35 million-odd diehard socialists in this country to Afghanistan, and let them try to turn it into the utopia of diversity and wokeism that they desire.

Either way, we’d be rid of them, and they of us, so it’s a win-win deal.


  1. @Scott Rooney: the GOP was happily in lockstep & Donald Trump (Propeller Beanie Upon Him) didn’t lift a finger to stop any of it. I’m old enough to remember when he renewed the NSA’s warrantless surveillance program, waaaaayyyy back in… gosh, it must’ve been 50 years ago in 2018. But don’t mention that to his slavering minions, because how dare you criticize Dear Leader.

  2. ….. a few problems.?????…… Afghanistan is a land locked country pretty much devoid of natural resources like water and fertile land. Having to transport all the needed imports across one of the neighboring kleptocracies is what prevents any of your imagined growth. Ask Bolivia how well that works.

    Even sending all the woke people there, still leaves all those tribal muzzies here and they will bring all their 12th century problems with them.

    No thankyou — do you have an option C?

    …. and I’m not convinced the majority of the Unvaxxed are mostly MAGA. There is a large contingent of black and immigrant unvaxxed as well as the rural MAGA crowd who are not in much danger of exposure anyway. The media is carefully avoiding identifying just who the unvaxxed are.

  3. I think its past time for a national divorce. They can keep Portland, Seattle, SF,LA, Chi, Baltimore, NYFC etc, we can keep the rest. That’s the only way this doesn’t end in bloodshed or authoritarianism (I mean worse that we already have). I’ll risk losing some ports. Its a small price to pay.

  4. I’ll take your last option, Kim.
    I’ve said for decades that hippies/socialists/counterculturalists/commies/wokesters all need a dose of reality, hard and fast, best provided by forcing them to live by what their stupid mouths spew out.
    Send all the asswokes to Bumfuckistan/Afghanistan, any socialist paradise, as long as they can’t escape it and have to live out their lives there with no access to outside help. Afghanistan is nicely isolated from the creature comforts and sane countries the wokesters are accustomed to. Let’s let ’em stew in their own juices. I’ll take great pleasure in watching them rot, cry and die in short order.

  5. Considering how a group of Jewish refugees quickly managed to turn an arid, oil-less patch of ground into the freest and most developed country in the Middle East, I’ll bet a bunch of hard working conservatives could turn Trashcanistan into a fairly nice place to live in short order. Hand me a shovel and sign me up for Calvinia.

  6. Seeing that map brings back a lot of memories. I was all over the eastern half from Kandahar to Mozar-i-Sharif and eastwards. At TarinKot the plumbing didn’t work so the Afghan Army was shitting in the front lawn but the Mary Jane pants provided lush greenery. In Zabul I was at a OP that was 400 yards from Pakistan on the top of a mountain. The shitheads would shoot at us with an AK from Pakistan. Getting hit with a 7.62×39 from 400+ yards is like getting hit with a paintball. It hurts like hell and leaves a nasty burse. Too many stories of Patika and Gardez. I caught a flight with a Russian crew flying mail in a MI-19. When we were going through the Gardez mountain pass they bounced a tire off the mountain. The assholes were drinking and laughing about almost crashing the helicopter. J-bad is where I fixed a motorcycle and put on the pajama suit with headdress and scarf and went riding through town. The powers that be did not see any humor in it. I had a good local meal and met some interesting people. Kunar scared me the most. I was in the Korangal valley standing up a new OP and we got hit. After 6 hours of gunfire the A-10’s and a C-130 gunship killed everything 500 yards outside the OP walls. Asadabad where the LZ was an island in the river just outside the wire where I had to wade across the foot and a half waters to get to the camp. Once on the camp it was a Mary Jane field with a couple of cows grazing on the grass. They had fresh steaks that were very good. Kunduz had a black sand that got into everything. Mozar-i-Sharif and Khost were laid back enough I could go into town and usually score a fifth of whiskey and buy other “wants” and the gate guards would pass me through without inspection. I was there from 05 till early 2010.

    I did all of this as a contractor after I retired from the Air Force. It didn’t take long to figure out how much of a treat outside of the wire was. There were places you could venture out and most were NFW.

    My take on allowing the terps and other Afghan collaborators in is to send ttem toH aiti. They are savages that will only behave when they know their is a superior power over lording them. The average 16 to 30 year old male Afgan will fuck a snake. He will fuck a pile of rocks if he thinks a snake is in there.

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