Gummint Meddling

Just as they’ve been doing with the gun industry and other such activities they don’t approve of, banks (aided and abetted by the usual assholes e.g. John Fuckface Kerry) have turned their fevered gaze towards the eeeevil energy companies.

Climate envoy John Kerry is prodding major U.S. banks privately to announce commitments for climate-friendly finance as part of the administration’s climate change policy rollout at President Joe Biden’s Earth Day summit next month.

…and of course because banks are in business purely at the behest of government, they will no doubt hasten to do what he tells them.

This Green bullshit has to stop, and I’m glad to see that some states are fighting back.

Fifteen state treasurers told Climate Envoy John Kerry to stop pressuring banks and financial institutions to drop the states because if they do then the states will drop them.  The states include Texas, Oklahoma, and coal-heavy West Virginia.

Don’t mess with Texas, assholes.


  1. Hehehehe … one of our States here in Australia has just legislated for a tax (2.5c per kilometre) on electric cars ’cause they don’t contribute to road maintenance via a fuel levy like the rest of us. The Greens are trumpeting loudly.

  2. If the banks are threatening anyone, particularly States, with loss of access, perhaps the favor needs to be returned:
    Lock up the executives of those institutions for Restraint of Trade, and keep them locked up.

  3. Real fighting back involves criminal charges for bank executives. Doesn’t matter for what. Message will be received.

  4. Fascism, by any other name.

    Here’s the point: firms of any substance operate at the government’s pleasure. There are enough governmental regulatory, tax and legal hooks, harpoons, concessions and privileges set in their flesh to existentially threaten them at will, and obtain compliance on any arbitrary thing whether it is in proper scope or not.

    The “military industrial complex” was merely the proof-of-concept prototype. What we now have is widespread and general “governmental economic activity complex” which extends with near universality. Of course, there are special divisions for “government educational complex” and a few other crucial elements, such as transportation and communications.

    Students of history recognize the “third way” politics that harnesses “private” economic endeavor to governmental control and oversight. Of course, students of collectivist statism will argue the “fascism” moniker to death on technical points, just as they will argue that what we see unfolding isn’t their favorite brand of socialism either.

    Free market capitalism? This ain’t it.

    Progressivist capture of government, society, and economic activity is nearly complete.

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