1. The CompSci professor at Pepperdine always scheduled his summer classes at 2pm so he could see the effect of the air conditioning on the coeds.

  2. “Employment opportunities abound at Poolside Computing, Inc. Apply today.

    And don’t forget our clothing optional sister company, “Bare Bits ‘N’ Bytes” where all the seats are heated and as warm as our welcome.”

  3. Management circulated a memo stating that anyone working in the computer center could not wear loose clothing of any type that might create static electricity. They approved the result.

    1. …. However, please note that the office dress code ( FY 1972 ) requirement for proper footwear remains in effect.

  4. A blatantly staged photo. If it were hot enough for that kind of clothing the machines would be dead. If it were normal computer-room temperatures the Cold-Weather Indicators would be showing.

  5. …. temperatures the Cold-Weather Indicators would be showing

    Or what we call, nips.

  6. A scene from the Baywatch IT spin-off that was cancelled in the first season. Turns out coding in slow motion isn’t nearly as bouncy as running in slow motion.

  7. It looks like an eighties album cover for Duran Duran, Sparks, or Roxy Music.

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