Can’t Go, Might Go, Won’t Go

Via Insty:

Dallas International Guitar Festival (DIGF) is back at Dallas Market Hall April 30-May 2. The world’s largest and oldest guitar show is excited to emerge from their cocoon after a year-long quarantine caused by the pandemic.

Fantastic.  I wasn’t going to be able to go because I would have been at Boomershoot;  but subsequent events made it possible for me to go this year.


Dallas Market Hall will still have a mask mandate in place during the event. Masks, along with social distancing, will be a requirement.

Fuck you.  I’ve been vaccinated, I’m sick of people telling me to do stupid shit when it’s all unwarranted, and I refuse to wear a face condom anymore, anywhere.  Maybe next year, then.  Or not.

As for this:

“[All this nonsense] will help on-site attendees and exhibitors feel more safe and comfortable attending the Dallas International Guitar Festival this year.”

And fuck their paranoia and need for a security blanket, too.


  1. “…feel more safe…”
    When did I become everybody’s slave?
    It’s not my job to make sure other people “feel more safe”, just as it is no one else’s responsibility to make me “feel more safe”. I swear to christ this world has turned into one giant day care center slammed with whiney adult children of every age. fuk em ded

  2. Why the actual fuck is it acceptable to show indifference to what is real in the name of pandering to people’s feeling? This is the result of two generations of self esteem, isn’t it? Shit. Civilization is so screwed.

  3. 60% of new cases are people who have had the full course of injections.

    You have not been vaccinated. You’ve just been injected.

  4. FWIW I have been told by people who have had the shot ( or shots – depending who you ‘use’ ) that you are informed when you get your shot that the shot(s)
    1) does NOT prevent you from getting ‘the virus’
    2) you can still spread the virus
    If true, and I have no reason to doubt these people, then what the hell is the PURPOSE of the virus ?
    I have an idea and it has NOTHING to do with our health or safety or anything else beneficial.
    You come up with your own. It may or may not match mine.
    To give you an idea of where I think we’re headed, try this analogy.
    In the early 60’s, ( Yes, I know, I’m dating myself ) before a rash of hijackings, mostly to Cuba of all places, you could actually walk out to the plane and get in/on it with a firearm in your pocket or holster !! No questions, no X-rays, no removal of belt, shoes, Lord only know what else. Then came X-rays for carry on and then eventually all luggage. All still in place.
    Anyone here ever get on a commercial flight prior to 9/11/2001 ??
    What happened very quickly and very THOROUGHLY afterward ?
    Vast mechanisms, rules, regulations, equipment, LONG LINES and more were all put into place, RAPIDLY, to ‘protect us’ along with a campaign of fear about terrorists being under every bed, behind every door and on every aircraft of every type. Starting to sound familiar ?
    Most, if not all or even more of those ‘procedures and processes’ are STILL IN PLACE after
    20 YEARS! ( I’ve actually pondered, VERY briefly, no pun intended, of showing up at the airport stark naked with just a ticket just to see the reaction of ‘security’ ( yes, I KNOW what it would be and strongly suspect that cavity searches usually aren’t a lot of fun for the searcher or especially the ‘searchee’ ).
    Now, please tell me what in the name of Geronimo’s hemorrhoids makes anyone here think that ANY of what we are going through now is ever going to ‘go away’ and we ‘get back to ‘normal’ ?
    Not going to happen – ever. Get used to it. There’s more coming. Take bets on it.
    If the ‘vaccination passport’ idea gets put into place, then eventually, you won’t be able to go the bathroom without presenting ‘your papers’ ( Comrade ! ).
    It’s ALL about control of you and your movements and it’s NOT going to get ‘better’.

    1. Wallace asks:
      * “…what the hell is the PURPOSE of the virus…”

      According to unsubstantiated rumors, the chinese engineered the virus in a lab.
      I suspect its * secondary * purpose is keeping mask (aka ‘face-mask’) makers employed.

      As we see in investigations of mask (aka ‘face-mask’) makers, the industry is often home-based and involves the entire family… including chickens scratching around the dirt floor of the living area while roaming neighborhood dogs use piles of completed masks (aka ‘face-masks’) for temporary bedding.

      The makers have no access to soap or running water, and have no understanding of hygiene.
      And as we see in investigations, nobody in the family wears a mask (aka ‘face-mask’) during the making process.

      Investigations reveal a constant shedding of micro-fibers from the cloth material.
      These fibers are inhaled, then embed in the lungs.
      The over-worked cilia cannot cope with the deluge, so the fibers remain.

      The resulting illness is mesothelioma.

      Asbestos poisoning involved a few workers.
      The airborne asbestos microfibers embed in the lungs.

      I suspect the * primary * purpose of the virus is the destruction of the lungs of billions of mask (aka ‘face-mask’) wearers… resulting in the desired population reduction to that oft-quoted 500,000,000 number of humans.
      By-the-by, instead of ‘epidemic’, I prefer ‘this phase of this Economic Lock-Down’.

  5. Sorry folks – VERY late correction –
    ‘…..what the hell is the PURPOSE of the virus ?’
    ‘……what the hell is the PURPOSE of the V A C C I N E ?

    My apologies.

  6. Unpopular opinion, but wearing a mask would cover the stupid faces i make when I play an instrument.

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