Raving Beauty

Whereas Sabine Schmitz was taken from us at age 51, Jessica Walter — one of my favorite character actresses of all time — held out till 80.

Here we go:

In later years, she just aged like the finest wine:

And now [sigh]  I’ll just have to take Malory Archer off Ye Olde Buckette Lyst:

R.I.P. Jessica.  You were always one of the best, and one of my favorites.


  1. Oh, no! Now who’s going to play the lead in “The Nancy Pelosi Story”?

    And I agree about the Malory Archer part.

  2. Fabulous actress. And you said it, Kim. She is definitely in the “fine wine” category.

    RIP Jessica.

  3. actresses back then had beauty and class. Today’s hollywood stars might have some beauty but most lack class and style.


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