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“It’s time for a wealth tax in America.”
no it isn’t, you rancid, fake-Cherokee Commie tart.

actually, I can think of at least two good reasons why she was always going to make it.

Photo by Frank Trapper/Corbis Sygma

and I think that watching Christine have her daily orgasm would probably keep depression away as well:

…but that’s just me.

and I think it’s probably time to bring apartheid to the world of entertainment:  Black Oscars, Black Golden Globes, Black Pulitzers, etc.  Then we could all ignore them, just like we do the regular ones, while the winners can all feel good about being big fish in small ponds.

otherwise known as “bringing the wood”.

uttered from his position at a British university, founded in 1650 by a Zulu chieftain. [/sarc]

and Darwin pays a visit to Nashville.

I’m not so sure that this is a bad idea, but I will entertain arguments in Comments.

in his defense, I should point out that he is Russian, so she probably should have known betterAlso of interest:  Wifey is quite a babe, while Mistress is a total dog — once again, Hubby is a Russian.

never mind, it’s just the annual brainfart from the Stupidest Person In Congress, Sheila Jackson-Lee (DOA) of HoustonNote:  not a single co-sponsor, so clearly I’m not the only one who thinks this.

Finally, from the Sports Desk: 
Apparently, we should congratulate some guys from Tampa for scoring more baskets than some other guys from Kansas.  The Tampa captain or whatever is apparently some REALLY old fart, who hadn’t yet been born when I was already on my second marriage, but who is married to a Brazilian tart with a German name.

and good for him, say I.


  1. As for the Aussie lady imprisoned for 800 days with her husband fucking about on her, did you notice that she and the mistress are both named Kylie? The silly bugger just got them mixed up, could happen to anyone.

    Plus, the photo of the mistress is not a formal staged one like that of the wife, but the mistress does look like she’s a goer. And, of course, he’s Russian.

    Dropping Income Tax for under 25s? Sure, why not, every little bit taken away from the ravenous state helps. Taxing anything causes less of it to be produced and “Income” is no exception to that rule.

  2. Re: that last pic

    Yep. Brazilian.

    And re: Salma

    They’re fake, but they’re spectacular.

  3. As regards SJL’s proposed legislation: The “Zero Co-sponsors” makes me think it’s much like Charlie Rangel’s once-yearly attempt to reinstate the draft. He proposes it, it gets shot down, everybody laughs and in turn he votes for all the rest of the Dem Stupid Ideas.

    In SJL’s case, she might actually gain some traction in this swinging-for-the-fences attempt and get parts of it passed, (with the NRA’s “help”). If it pisses off people, nevermind; she’s got her Congressional seat for as long as she wants it, with someone just like her waiting in the wings.

    Pass or not; I will not comply. I will not subject myself to a “psychological” exam in order to exercise an enumerated Constitutional (some would say basic human) right.

  4. No income tax for people under 25?

    I barely paid any then anyway. I was only working summers and a tad during the school year from 18 to 22. At 22 I entered grad school and fellowships (all tuition and fees plus living expenses of $200/month the first year rising to $233.33/month for the third and subsequent years) were untaxed back then in the U.S.

    Before you youngsters snort in derision about that $200/month, think about inflation over 50-55 years; I was saving $40/ month of that. I’ll admit to a bit of frugality but engineering grad students ate, slept, and did classwork or research. It was almost monastic and it kept us out of Viet Nam. It was also the best time of my life.

  5. Re: Psych evaluations for gun owners.

    Here in Western Australia, any “medical personnel” (e.g. doctors, nurses, dentists, physics etc.) can submit a report that you are, in their opinion, unfit to possess firearms. They will immediately be confiscated by the police (no warrant required) and your licence revoked. To have them returned you will have to front, at your own expense, a State Advisory Tribunal, put your case, and have them adjudicate. If you lose, goodbye to firearms with no compensation whatsoever. If you win, they will be returned (no guaranteeing in what condition). By legislation, you have no redress whatsoever against the person who lodged the report, even if it’s proven to be patently false or malicious.

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