From Chris Muir, an excerpt:

So, because I’m a law-abiding type, I won’t use the term “China virus” — I’ll just carry on referring to it as the Chink virus, as I always have.

And when they ban that, I’ll ignore them.  My respect for the law only goes so far, i.e. when the law runs afoul of the Constitution.  As it has, here.

Just for the record:  regardless of any executive order, law or regulation which says otherwise, I’ll call the Chinese-originated Covid-19 “Wuhan” virus whatever the fuck I want.


    1. That’s the beauty of the English language: you always have several options to say the same thing.

  1. Technically, doesn’t his executive action only ban members of the executive branch from using the term in official communications?

    Or is the First Amendment gone from “only mostly dead” to truly dead?

  2. Any contract with an incompetent individual is unenforceable by either party.

    A contract with an incompetent has zero-zero-zero legal standing.

  3. My thesaurus offers “tolerate” as a sub for “abide.” There once were some laws deemed Intolerable. May be time to review how they’re doing nowadays.

  4. Does it matter after all this time what they call it? I’ve been under pretty much house arrest since March 11th. I haven’t been sick, but I still can’t visit family, I have to wear a mask if I want to speak with my neighbors, if I need to see a doctor, I can’t get an “in-office” appointment unless I’m transported there in an ambulance and on a respirator. I can maybe get an on-line appointment if I jump through all the hoops and have all the right connections and passwords, and they will still bill my insurance the same as if I was right there, coughing and sneezing and spreading all manner of infection.

    Truth be told, I’m surprised as all hell that one of those Dumbocrat ninnies hasn’t proposed naming it after that EEEVIL President Trump, with sincere apologies to Gropin’ Joe’s Chinese buddies.

  5. On the whole, EOs have limited scope, and by default, lack the power of law. It’s more like your employer establishing his policy. Sure, your hair might be past your collar, but the most he can do is fire you.

    Unless specifically authorized by acts of legislation, their scope at most pertains to departments reporting to the Executive, and in some cases, can be applied to federal contractors.

    Nonetheless, it’s worth taking a few moments to drink in the Wokeness, and skim the EOs for yourself:

    1. So, as non-employees of Joe, we can continue to refer to it as the “Wuhan Flu”, or the “Chinese Virus” using the origin-specific naming convention that has stood us in such good stead since the days of the “MERS”, AKA “Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome”, the “London Flu”, and the “Hong Kong Flu” before that.
      No one complained before, because London is, or was, full of white Europeans, Hong Kong was run by the British in 1968, not the Chinese, and the Middle East as the term is currently used, includes Israel.

      I personally prefer Kung Flu, Wuhan Flu, or Commie Crud.

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