1. Color me skeptical, Jacobson-san. The pussification continues apace, and I see little to suggest the sheeple are eager to do anything but line up and get fleeced. The sheepdogs are nearing the end of our run and the rancid pond scum curdling at the top are perfectly content to grab their ankles.

    That the best we could do was Donnie Douchebag is telling. A savvy operator to be sure, but he couldn’t get out of his own way. He fucked it up from day one, by doing exactly what Dopey Joe is doing now: executive orders. Instead of rolling up his sleeves during his 1st 2 years when he had both houses of Congress (à la Ronaldus Magnus), he whipped out his pen & carved out the path of least resistance. Dopey Joe has done the same, and voila! With the exception of the judiciary, EVERYTHING DD accomplished has been dismantled in less than two weeks, with rapid strokes of the same pen.

    We lionized a huckster and now we’re taking it up the ass.

    1. With the amount of obstruction that Speaker Ryan erected in the House, I would tend to think that PDJT resorted to XO’s as the only means possible.
      Anyway, that’s my take, but I try to look on the sunny side.

      1. You could be right, but we’ll never know since DD couldn’t even be bothered to try.

  2. Yes, we are going to have problems with your solution.
    Because it will lead to a shortage of rope and timber.
    However, digging graves will be a booming business.
    Therefore, carry on with your solution.

    1. Rope and timber are reuseable; and the wait in line should be good for contemplation of the afterlife by the miscreant.

      Also, the words “Democrat” and “short drop” have a very strange effect on me.

    2. Gallows last a long time.

      So does modern rope.

      The problem (ala French Revolution) is figuring out where to stop.

  3. Have to agree with SEP for the most part.
    There isn’t enough old fashioned guts left to get us out of this mess, nobody wants to be the ‘test case’ and we sure as hell aren’t going to ‘vote our way out’ either given what we have seen done with the entire voting process in this country.
    President Trump actually accomplished quite a bit but you will NEVER hear about ANY of it watching ABCCBSNBSCNNetc………………………….. you have to go find it and most people aren’t interested enough to do that,
    One thing I wish he had done was fire every person he legally could fire who was working in the administration the day BEFORE he was sworn in !
    If you move into a house full of rats, you eliminate them,
    you DO NOT try to make them ‘your rats’ !!

  4. Kim, I’m pleased you’ve chosen a short drop gallows with a coarse rope. The Clintonoids and Obamunists deserve nothing better.

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