Rooftop Choice

The fiendish Mr. Free Market sends me to this Very Bad Website, and demands that I choose one for rooftop duty.

ONE?  Great Vulcan’s bleeding hemorrhoids.

Go there and see which one you’d pick… mine is below the fold.

Okay, not wanting to be a spoilsport like so many of my Readers are when faced with a “pick one” choice, my response was as follows:

Reasons:  butter-smooth bolt operation, excellent trigger, reliable as all hell, an excellent cartridge for ventilating the Ungodly (and a proven track record therewith), and ten of same in the magazine.

Add a tall building overlooking a target-rich environment, a picnic lunch and a flask of single malt, and you have all the ingredients for an afternoon’s fun at the Socialists’ expense.


  1. I like the Parker Hale at the very bottom.
    It looks the most conventional and I’m a sucker for a pretty face.

  2. The Enfield No4 is a pretty good choice. Mauser action snobs will argue that the action isn’t as strong or accurate as it might be, but with good ammunition and a decent scope it will shoot minute of miscreant all day long.

  3. I would never quibble with the Master’s small arms choice. However, Springfield 1903A4 cuz, I’m ‘Merican, and prejudiced. Your choice is better, though, I’ll admit.

  4. Choose one? You are a cruel, cruel man. There’s no wrong answer, but I’d go with the ’03A4.

    I note there are no prices listed. I suppose if you have to ask …..

  5. I’d have to go for either one of the Springfields, or the Mosin Nagant, mostly because I have a stock of ammo for both. If a goodly supply of ammo is thrown in, it’s hard to imagine any of them doing a BAD job.

    Two interesting sideline questions:

    1) What current production rifle would you choose for the same function?

    2) Assuming you’re acting solo, what OTHER weapons would you want along for the ride. Because once the balloon goes up, it won’t be long before they figure out where you are and come to get you, and rooftops are notoriously easy places to get cornered in.

    1. From the list, I would go with the 1903A4. Already have a 1903, and ammo.

      To answer your first question, I would go with my scoped M1A. It’s an early one (13000 serial range) with a standard weight barrel stamped “NM”. It really sings with Hirtenberger 147gr. FMJ.

      Other weapon–SIG 220.

    2. 1) My CZ 550 in 6.5x55mm Swede, mostly because the Hirtenberg mil-surp FMJ steel-core ammo goes through body armor like a hot knife through a Commie’s belly. Just in case I need it.

      2. Govt 1911, because I assume things are going to get up close and personal at some point.

  6. I would go for the Lee Enfield No 1 Mk III, as I’ve already got one, and for all the reasons Kim mentioned.

  7. The Parker Hale M82 – 308 match ammo I already have, easiest caliber to resupply, stock is designed to shoot with a scope. If I’m going to shoot a right handed rifle from the wrong hand, at least I’ll have a good cheek weld.

    But I’m not going up there for a picnic without also bringing an AR and 8 full mags. I plan on making it off that roof as well.

  8. In the spirit (if not the letter) of the options, I’d go with a U.S. M1917. All the advantages of the British Enfield family in a cartridge I can still find in this part of the world at nominally reasonable prices. The five-round capacity is something of a setback – but then again, this assumes the rifle as part of a battery, and five in the magazine is no real setback, all things considered.

    That unfinished faux Lee-Speed project on the bench could make a strong showing, though.

  9. Another one going with 1903A4 due to ammo I already have.

    However, since that ammo is already in clips for my M-1 Garand, and I have actual experience with the M-1, that would be my first choice if TSHTF right now despite the lack of a scope.

    When I last visited Austin I met up with Combat Controller at McBrides as he picked up a sweet M-1C, you could track my progress out of the store by the drool trail…

  10. From that list? M1903A1 – I like having backup iron sights. Plus, I have plenty of 30-06.

    Modern rifle? AR-15 chambered in .308. As much as I’m not a fan of the weapon, I know how to work it. Perks of the job.

    Other weapon – M1911A1. Commander version, so I have 8-round magazines.

  11. P14 and an M9, because I carried it and it works. No slight to the 1911, but the Beretta served me well. And with the Zerg rush that is Antifa, the higher capacity sidearm is preferable. If I’m going to go down in a glorious last stand I want as many dead foes as possible surrounding my bloody corpse. I can make this happen better with an M9.

    Modern version? I’ve got a FAL that’s good for minute of Commie all day, and though I haven’t been to war with it, I’m willing to give it a shot (assuming I can’t get my paws on a SAW when the world goes tits up)

  12. OMG. Home grown talent. I was expecting this deliciousness to be on a US site, but no. Now that’s a True Brit. Well done that man.

    They weren’t joking on Hot Fuzz…..

  13. No4T
    Parker Hale

    No4T has better mag capacity of the others. Bolt is smooth, it will get the job done
    1903A4 -have ammo
    Parker Hale -might be easier to get .308 around here.

    I have seen a few originals for sale and they sold for unsightly sums years ago when I saw them. I think they were around $3k and up when a good hunting rifle would fetch $500-700 without glass.


  14. Now I know what to do with that P14 I acquired lo those many years ago. As it probably would require a new bbl, perfect time to bring it up to M1917 specs. In the meantime, there’s an AR-10 with 20″ bbl and a Barska SWAT scope I threw together when I had too much time on my hands.
    1911 all the way if I can cheat and use Para’s.

  15. I would take the Mosin-Nagant, because a beautiful Mosin is almost an oxymoron.

    And I have lots of ammo for it.

  16. I will stick with my Remington 700 BDL for distance shooting. I know the yardage graduations for bullet drop at distance with my 180gr. 30-06 loads. For 600 yards and less I like a 6.8SPC patterned AR.

  17. I’ll want something in a full house battle rifle caliber, and I have some experience with the Mosin-Nagant and the Springfield ’03. So I choose the Springfield 03A4.
    And as for a sidearm, an M1911A1 is my preference, but as the main line of defense, a bunch of Claymore mines should do the job.

  18. My brother carried an ’03 and a 1911 in WW2 as one of three in a team assigned to create mayhem. Last time we discussed the relative merits of the ’03, I asked which model and which scope he used. He looked at me sort of funny and said, “An ’03A3, but no scope. Why would I need a scope? It was good to 500 yards.”

    Most people saying that would have me raising the BS flag. Not my brother. He’s 95 now but is still a freak of nature when it comes to shooting anything and everything.

    No scope??

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