Monday Funnies

What happens on Mondays, doesn’t necessarily stay on Mondays.

In similar vein, let’s look at some likely disaster scenarios in the near future:

My confident prediction:  never in recorded history will so many guns have been lost in boating accidents, fires or similar catastrophes as during a Biden/Harris/Beto Administration.

Then again:

I should stop now…

Get some practice in.  I know I will.


  1. So the Bidenathalon is when you sneak up to the lovely lady holding the rifle, sniff her hair, and see how far you can get before she puts one through the back of your head.

    Medals are awarded to next of kin.

    1. Damn, you’re good.

      I was going to suggest that the Bidenathlon is giving members of his government a head start, and seeing how many you can pop before they get to 100 yards. But I prefer yours.

      1. The contestants for that are limited to elected Democrats. Over a broken field. Running shoes not allowed.

  2. That picture with the “who said girls can’t shoot a Mosin” tag reminded me of a trip to the range a few years ago. I’m firing my vast collection of things and was almost ready to go home so I pulled the M44 out and cranked up a round. Faster than I could chamber the next round, there was a young lady of great beauty standing beside me asking what I was shooting. Now she couldn’t have been over 4’10” and 90 pounds soaking wet and I, a married man, was fascinated by her El Paso summer range outfit. After a second of forgetting to breathe, I explained the history of the Mosin. She asked to shoot and I told her it kicks about like a sawed off 12 gauge. She lit off the first round, chambered another, then turned and yelled at her SO, a beefy young SpecOp looking dude, “BABE! We HAVE to get one of these!” sigh

    1. @Rlink …
      Some years ago, back in the dark days when I lived in MA and was married to Satan, I had my M44 carbine at Local Sporting Club. In the lane next to me was SomeDood, shooting his short-barreled AR Sooper Dooper Whiz Bang Tacticool whatever … I lit off a round from the M44 … then another, then a third … BOOOOM, cycle, BOOOOM, cycle BOOOOOM cycle. Finally, SomeDood stopped me and asked, “What the Christ was that??!!!”

  3. I was just thinking that the pictures of the unfortunate boating accidents were ultimately unfortunate only if the water was too deep to perform any sort of salvage operation. I’m thinking the San Pedro Channel near Los Angeles in The People’s Republic of Commiefornia. Most parts are around 2,250 feet deep. Lose them there, and it’s Goodbye forever, and even the Government with the Glomar Challenger would have a hard time finding them.

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