Here we go:

Well I can explain it.  Once the count is over, the state closes the process and certifies the count, and no new ballots can be added post facto.  Stopping the count allows for fresh bundles of ballots to be “found” so that they can be added when the count is restarted.  As long as the ballots are dated prior to Election Day, everything is fine.  Hence:



Simple, when you know how.

Just so we’re all clear in the concept:  VOTER FRAUD IS A FEDERAL CRIME.  Which means that the F.B.I. will be called in to investigate.

You can all start laughing bitterly now.


  1. I remember as a small kid, clear as a bell, my dad (a John Birch Society follower) talking how the commie JFK stole the election from Nixon. That was 60 yrs ago. His old man, a liquor smuggler during prohibition, called in some favors from the mob. None of this is new.

    For at least 100 yrs communists have been trying to take over America. Sometimes really they got damn close, like during FDRs time and the early 1960’s.

  2. FBI – Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity.
    First in War, First in Peace, First place in the graft/corruption line.

    1. Only explanation for Communism or Socialism….extreme retardation.

      The cure is simple.
      Force the believers to live in countries where communism is the rule.

      Within a month full conversion will have taken place and they will be screaming to come back. That’s when the cold, hard reality is revealed. You can never come back. Death is their only salvation.

      1. GhostSniper,
        You’re right!! The trial run in April with empty shelves apparently didn’t teach these knuckleheads that empty shelves are awful.

        Who was it that said “under socialism, people wait for bread. Under the free markets, bread waits for buyers.”


        1. I dunno but it’s a good ‘un.

          I’m hearing people babble on about the joys of socialist healthcare. I’m too tired to point out that people have to come to the U.S. from Canada for treatment because the Canadian system is so slow people have been known to die waiting for treatment. Ditto the UK.

  3. The FBI would investigate? Isn’t this the same organization where Peter strzok and Lisa Page made their careers and each other?

    I wouldn’t be surprised that there are far more of these people in the FBI and throughout all areas of the government.


    1. Re Peter Strozk and Lisa Page (and that Commie Comey);
      The rule pest exterminators will tell you is that if you see one cockroach, you don’t have ONE cockroach, you have a colony. Every last one of them doing cockroach things.

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