1. “How do I get to your place?”
    “You can’t miss it. Look for the appalling mis-use of red shutters!”

  2. “Honey, I think you should stick any old size windows in our street-side wall… and mis-match those shutters, please!”

  3. After winning the human-size trophy for the Black© university cis-identified non-binary debates, “…there is no arguing…” Deshatishia and Deshashawnsha achieved consensus on the shutter size for their suburban rental, role-models for everything just and decent and worthy of remembrance in the highly-competitive world of shutter ‘adorashin’!

    Then, after investing all the prize money in a nail salon in downtown Baltimore, they luckily found the red paint in a can in the corner of the garage.
    Talk about fortune smiling on the prepared!
    See these top-notch debaters in action:

  4. After the town of Rhodus MN mistakenly defunded the Fire Department instead of the PD, the substitution of moose for firemen did not work as planned.

  5. Tiring of their isolated rural existence, the ‘social influencers’ Cape Buffalo family invested in a lovely suburban home.
    Sadly, as many of their followers predicted, the naive couple were swindled by the first shutter sales-crew to come along!

  6. In the hotly-contested aftermath of the controversial 2020 election, many distraught home-owners expressed their dismay by painting their shutters red!

  7. Astutely preparing for the potential of looting rioters spilling-over from the troubled downtown area, these ‘survivalist’ home-owners installed protective shutters for their luxury suburban estate!

  8. Following-up on her campaign promises, freshly-minted American president harris dictated all shutters must be painted red!

  9. So many good candidates (unlike half our political contests), we’re gonna have to have a runoff election.

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