1. The fact that there’s any question makes me ill. This should’ve been a blow-out Red wave.

  2. As of 10:09 Eastern, and using these numbers, which ultimately source from DecisionDesk, https://pjmedia.com/election/2020-results, I’m awarding votes to the leaners, except where it’s close. Having done that, it comes down to three states that are within “the margin of fraud”:

    Michigan (Trump down by ~22k votes)
    Wisconsin (Trump down by ~4k votes)
    Nevada (Trump down by ~8k votes),

    If that stands, it’s a Biden win.

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but the Libertarian Party, my long ago homies, is the spoiler to answer for this:

    Michigan: ~38k votes
    Wisconsin: ~56k votes
    Nevada : ~11k votes

    My interpretation: every single one of those Jo Jorgenson votes was an eff yu to both established parties, which has the unfortunate effect of throwing power to the party most hostile to libertarian principles. Well done, voters of principle!

    Nonetheless, we can console ourselves in the re-education camps that the national repudiation of the Democratic Socialist Party stands, and that We the People do not approve of the power we gave them.

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