1. Yeah, me too, I think. Sad day, to be sure, but we’re still alive. And we’re a lot angrier than we were over the weekend.

  2. The one bright spot in all this, at least for Colorado: Lauren Bobert, pistol packin’ mama from Rifle, CO, won her congressional seat.

  3. Maybe I’m being a Pollyanna, but while I wouldn’t be happy with a Biden/Harris Presidency, I don’t view it as the end of the United States (yet). Just in my lifetime we’ve survived fools (Carter, Obama), Socialists (Obama), crooks (Nixon, Clinton), RINOs (Bush the Younger), etc. After Obama was elected Newsweek proudly proclaimed that we’re all Socialists now.

    We’ll survive this too.

    Not that I don’t have a list of things he/she may try which will escalate the festivities for me and millions like me, like attempts to pack the court, or to stop elections. I kinda doubt they’ll get away with large-scale fraud, Trump is too much of a fighter for that, so if they manage enough fraud to swing the election it’s because WE didn’t come out in enough numbers to overcome the margin of fraud.

    So what to do? Glad you asked:

    1) In two years, take the House. I remember the NRAs campaign to Clinton-proof the House back when.

    2) Keep the Senate.

    3) If fraud become too obvious, show everyone that BLM/ANTIFA aren’t the only ones who can protest.

    Mark D

    1. 1. The NRA, if not dead, is very sick at this point. What makes you think they can’t commit fraud in House elections.
      2. What makes you think they can’t commit fraud in Senate elections. See MI, AZ. And GA? Anyway, depending on Pierre D., Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Ben Sasse, Lindsey Graham, and Mitch McConnell does seem like a winning strategy.
      3. If the fraud isn’t obvious to you at this point or even at 1017 on Nov. 4, it never will be.

  4. There’s fraud afoot; Philadelphia has been at 64% returns in for 15 hours now. Apparently they’re too stupid to calculate how many ballots the boys in the back room need to fill out to win steal Pennsylvania. Same for Detroit and Michigan

  5. We do live in more interesting time than I wish we lived in, being an old man. At the same time this is kind of fascinating seeing all this crazy swirl down the drain shit our country is heading for, except no other nation in history has been better armed and that will be interesting.

  6. I see that August Pfluger won, along Tony Gonzales and Beth Van Duyne. Wesley Hunt and Genevieve Collins lost their races.
    Four out of six isn’t bad.

    Did Shelley Luther win in Texas Senate, District 30 runoff? I am Google Fu-ing like crazy, and can’t find it.

  7. I’m keeping fingers and toes crossed, praying like a newly minted convert and thinking Capitol Hill might not be a bad hill to die on, if it comes to taking a stand.

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