3 Inexplicable Things About Modern U.S. Elections

As observed in November 2020:

  • At least half of the population seems to be okay with living under a socialist government.
  • It doesn’t matter if you hold huge rallies for thousands of exuberant followers;  unless their pickup trucks are also loaded with thousands of fraudulent ballots, you’re still going to lose.
  • Some conservatives still vote for the Libertarian Party, proving that the Left doesn’t have a monopoly on stupid ivory-tower idealists with an impractical, doomed-to-fail  ideology.

Feel free to add the things you’ve learned, in Comments.


  1. Nothing has changed from centuries ago at least in this nation. The electorate is just human compost. When none other than Davy Crockett was rejected by them, his reply was “you can all go to hell and I’m going to Texas”.

  2. That with each new election the voters increasingly don’t vote FOR someone but rather AGAINST someone. It seems the voters are choosing the lesser of 2 evils. They are choosing who will harm them the least rather than any other metric. And then to compound it all the amount of lying, by the political body and the media, means it is no longer possible to choose a candidate based in even the scantest idea of truth. Basically, the elections have turned into clown shows were the best liars and best financed win. I’m pretty much convinced that all of it is just a big criminal enterprise.

    1. It’s been a rare thing that I’ve been able to vote FOR a presidential candidate. In most cases I can recall it’s been an exercise in determining which candidate I dislike least.

      I’m at the point where I’d jump at the chance to change the balloting procedure so that you can either vote FOR a single candidate or vote AGAINST one. If you use your vote to be against a candidate it decrements their total. That would give a clearer picture of how people actually feel.

    1. what a bitter, cynical and ignorant presentation. I like his comedy but when a clown gets preachy, they get the gong show hook

  3. Your observations about the election are right on target and the comments thus far are as well.

    I am not surprised by the current state of affairs but am deeply disappointed and very concerned for the future of our country. No sane person can look at Joe Biden and say “yes, this is a man I can believe in to lead us” – he is an empty shell of a man.

    Win, lose or draw, Trump has essentially been governing while facing a veritable “firing squad” of opponents who dedicated their entire lives to defeating him. The opposition from the Democrats and their complicit media faction, however vile, I understand (although their tactics are evil) but the opposition inside the Republican side I cannot stomach. The “Never Trumpers” – Bill Kristol, Charlie Sykes, George Will – these are the bastards that I hold the most contempt for. Indeed it is they who have to now accept the blame for what is to come. Some of them have been the darlings of the leftist media these last 4 years. If Trump is baninshed, we will see how quickly that fickle media will dismiss them as well.

  4. When Al Franken “won” his election, that was only a practice session to see just how much they could get away with.
    This is the result.

  5. The Socialist-Progressives tried this with Al Franken and were allowed to get away with it.
    This is the result of not whacking that particular mole much harder.

  6. 1. Never underestimate the gullibility and stupidity of half the nation or so.
    2. Strauss and Howe were correct, and on the money wit their timeline.

    The fourth turning is a thing, and it’s peak crisis phase is right on schedule. The gullible and stupid only learn through pain. It’s a shame the rest of us will have to deal with that.

    At this point, I’d quip a Mark Steyn line – “Buy guns and ammo while you still can”. But you mostly can’t.

  7. What did I find out?
    What I knew all along.

    *Democrats are lying, crooked, cheating sons of bitches.
    *Democrats can find ballots on pallets at office depot (any piece of paper is a Biden vote) Suddenly
    found new ballots only affect the presidential race none of the house or senate races affected. Funny

    At least Trump carried Texas and nothing can change that.
    If Biden is declared the winner and Biden/Harris try to make good on their agenda, it is time to seriously consider a Texas secession. Otherwise that ugly witch can personally come try to take my PPE away from me.

  8. “At least half of the population seems to be okay with living under a socialist government.”

    “At least half of the population is of below average intelligence and morality”.

    Pretty much saying the same thing.

  9. Political polling businesses – and make no mistake they are profit making businesses – are paid to produce a desired outcome. One outcome is to convince the other side that it isn’t worth voting. Why go out into the cold to risk catching the virus when the other guy is up by 150%?

    Making it “easy” to vote may not be a good idea. The layabouts who live in their grandmom’s basement will always vote for free stuff especially when somebody mails them a ballot and includes a stamp to mail it back. We’ve all heard the saying that the country will go down when all of the ignorant lazy people discover that they can vote themselves a raise.

    I haven’t seen the red/blue county maps for this year but I’m sure that they’ll be the same as always. The inner city third world pest holes vs the rest of the country. Unfortunately the blue cancer is spreading as the lazy and ignorant attempt to flee the pest holes that they created.

    As a minor point of discussion I’m not sure that the Libertarian movement takes votes only away from the Republicans. I wrote a paper on the Libertarians and learned that the philosophical split in that group was about 50/50. About half of the party wanted legalization of all drugs and the other half wanted people to be able to own tactical nuclear weapons. I wrote that almost 40 years ago and its very interesting to see that the drug thing is starting to be true.

    1. The Red/Blue county maps I’ve seen are the same as usual . Blue islands where the big cities are in a sea of red. Here in my town ( a leafy suburb with a 2 acre zoning minimum ) strangely there was an 88% percent turnout ( historically around 60% for the last 5 presidential elections) and two to one for Biden – not unexpected since this is Markachusettes after all . and “Mail -in _ early voting out numbered election day voting by 3 to 1 . So this was in works for some time . Showing you don’t need to campain on the street any nore if you can simply stuff the ballot mail box.

  10. I think we’re witnessing the final fruition of the liberal effort to move up the power chain. The American people theoretically hold the power, since they vote. But it’s more efficient to control the means to manufacture opinion than to try to engage people as individuals. Schools, legacy media, tech platforms, even many churches at this point… the masks have come off because they don’t see any threats to their position. What amazes me is that there is still 50% of the country willing to deviate from the acceptable party line.

    As these institutions and the people that support them become more bold, I suspect the thought oppression is only going to get worse. I saw the first explicit mention of anti-racism at work a couple of weeks ago, right along with “dissent will not be tolerated”. Now I’m wondering how long it will be before I’m asked to choose between my integrity and my job. People should not be asked to make such choices.

  11. With regard to your first point, Kim, maybe it’s time Republicans and conservatives realized that for most of the voting public, “socialism” is not the boogey-man scare word that the Republican strategists and other professional and amateur opinion-givers seem to think it is. It gets thrown around so casually that it has become the right’s equivalent of the left’s word “racist” (which is applied to anybody and everybody who opposes the left in any meaningful way) and with over use, has lost all meaning.

    Second, with all the talk of election fraud conspiracies, some of you are starting to sound like 9/11 “truthers.” Why is it so hard to believe that a slim majority of Americans oppose Trump? He was a long shot in 2016 and the primary reason he won is because he was running against Hillary Clinton, probably the worst candidate a major party has run in living memory. I think if anybody besides Hillary had been running in 2016, the democrat candidate would have won easily in the same way that George HW Bush rode into office on Ronald Reagan’s coattails in 1988.

    The news media, the entertainment industry (much overlap there), academia, social media and virtually every major institution in America unloaded every round of ammunition they had against Trump and barely pushed their guy over the goal line. As of right now it appears that the Republicans will retain slim control of the Senate and the Democrat’s house majority has shrunk. SCOTUS is 6-3 in favor of conservatives and unless the Democrats can take the Senate, the “court packing” plan is not going to succeed (and I’m not sure the Democrats would even go there since once you open that Pandora’s box, there’s no way of closing it.)

    Color me disappointed but not “surprised.” Those who were surprised or shocked by the election results need to get outside their little echo chamber.

    1. Staff Martin,
      I think you’re right that the word socialism means little to many Americans. Those of us old enough to remember the Cold War, especially Reagan’s opposition to the Soviets still know what socialism is.

      The reason folks don’t fear socialism is that the media refuses to portray it accurately. You get propagandists like Michael Moore celebrated by the left as “documentary” film makers. The true conditions in North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela etc do not get reported by the media. The true nature of totalitarian regimes and cultures from the Mid East do not get reported. Any criticism is condemned as being intolerant of other cultures. Anyone asking the question why a culture that brutalizes minorities, women, those of other religion etc, gets excoriated by the media and academia.

      Far too many people choose to take the easier path of working for someone else rather than become an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship used to be encouraged. Now the little businesses are bought up by larger ones or driven out of business by competition. Look at the conglomerates that have become media empires. Are all the networks and publishers owned by 6-8 large corporations?

      We need an articulate Reagan type who can explain to the citizenry that as government expands, liberty contracts.


  12. I knew that about half of the country is in favor of cradle to grave dependency on the government. It’s been that way for quite a while.

    It will certainly take more than huge rallies to get conservatives into office.

    The Libertarian Party is worthless. And voting for a third party is utterly useless. It doesn’t send a message. As the Democrats and Republicans have moved further apart, the Libertarians just won’t attract the center. Ross Perot’s candidacy proved that for me in 1992. I made the mistake of voting for him and I won’t vote for any third party candidate again. The Libertarian party has some good policies but their open borders, weakened American military, wholesale legalization of drug abuse all turn me off.

    The problem that Republics have is that no one articulates conservative policies very well. Trump sure didn’t. He could have used his Twitter account to speak directly to the American people like FDR did with newsreels and the radio. Trump missed this opportunity. He could have used his regular tweets to get people’s attention then use twitter to explain his plans and why the plans and policies of Democrats should be rejected.

    We have known for decades that Hollyweird, the legacy media and academia all despise conservative ideas. They are critical to the point of being dismissive and contemptuous of conservative ideas. That needs to change if the Republican party is going to get into office and remain there. There are some articulate conservatives who unfortunately positioned themselves in unwanted positions because they rejected Trump’s choice to give the left the same hubris the left gives him and conservatives. What happened to Reagan’s 11th commandment “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican?” As much as they didn’t like Trump, they should have just kept quiet. At first I didn’t like Trump, but I held my nose and voted for his foul mouth. After he got into office, he really surprised me with his policies and agenda. He definitely deserves a second term in office.

    The bottom line is that conservatives through the Republican party cannot currently get their voice heard in academia, Hollyweird or the legacy news. The legacy news has become a propaganda arm of the socialist party.

    One thing I learned is that the Democrat party will go to any extreme to win. THey will lie, cheat, steal, slander etc. They will repeat that ad nauseum so that the stupid among us take their word as gospel. That needs to be countered. In order to catch a rat, learn to think like a rat. So how do you steal an election? we need to think like Democrats to figure that out so we can prevent their malarkey in the future.


  13. While all of your points are true, it isn’t like we didn’t know all that before the election. The only real sort of surprise is how blatant the fraud was.

  14. If you believe the media on both sides, America is 50% Nazi and 50% Communist. Which is why I don’t believe ANY of them.

  15. Someone earlier in the thread opined that 3rd party votes are meaningless. I beg to differ – Perot racked up a record 3rd party tally & nuked Poppy Bush in the process. The Dem faithful will tell you Nader did the same to AlBore.

    Trump should have won this walking away, except that he’s a cockroach. Nobody voted FOR Biden. They voted against the cockroach. Had he been more the grownup & less the bully-boy/whiny bitch, he’d have scored a Reaganesque landslide.

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