Hopeless Crush

In looking back over the posts I’ve put up since I returned to blogging, I see that I’ve inexplicably given short shrift to a woman I’ve had a crush on since… well, since I first became aware of her back in the 1980s.  In fact, when I did speak of Olympic skating gold medallist Katarina Witt on these pages, I relegated her to a backup reservist among my Desert Island Dames.

That’s just wrong.

So herewith a short pictorial on this German hottie:

And of course, there was that unforgettable Playboy pictorial, at the ripe old age of 33:

I am so weak…


  1. Yeah ……… Thats just the ticket. An Olympic level athlete desperately trying to hold on to her slowly ageing past glory ( so far _ so Good ) ….and a German one at that.

    Assuming she doesn’t play for the other team, you’d be dead in a week trying to keep up.

  2. Kim, I’ll join you in having had a crush on her since, I think, the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarejevo. (At which time I was all of 9 years old.)

    Definitely impressive bewbage for a female athlete, although figure skaters tend to be less lean than, say, gymnasts or track types.

  3. Ice skater gurlz have the best legs in the world, bar none.
    Stationed in Wildflecken, Germany in the army in 1976 my room mate and I watched a portion of the 76 Olympics in Innsbruck Austria on a german tv and I became helplessly smitten by Dorothy Hamill. Normally, upon completion of their spiel, the gurl skaters would slide around the perimeter and scoop up a couple of roses thrown on the ice by the spectators. When Dorothy completed her spiel several assistants had to hit the ice to help grab the enormous wall of flowers that had been thrown. And then she got married to Dean Martin’s son….and I was destroyed.

  4. What a beautiful woman and an incredible skater. Around 1989 I was on an airplane, stuck in one of those back row seats next to a couple of men who were the advance team for the professional ice show Katarina was performing in. These men would travel to the next venue and check out the structure then draw up plans for setting up the lighting and other mechanical stuff that traveled with the ice show. I asked them if Katarina was a pretty and nice as she seemed to be on TV and they said that she was a great member of the group, the only problem they were having with her was her discovering ‘Baileys Irish Cream’ because adding just a few pounds was making it hard to zip her into those skin tight fitting outfits. She was trying to cut back on the ‘Baileys’ because the wardrobe was expensive and I suppose Katarina was also having a good time being on tour not having to train at the high level that was required in the past in competition.

    Yep, I was also in love with her in the good old days even when she was a Commie East German.

  5. And I love listening to her speak. Not as good as the Aussie or Scottish accent, but rather nice in it’s own way!

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